How to register .np domain?

If you have a business in Nepal or you are a Nepalese citizen or your organization is in Nepal, then you are eligible to register your own .np domain name for free. “.np” is the Country Code (TLD) for domain registration in Nepal. .np domain registration is provided for free by the Mercantile Communications Pvt Ltd. Mercantile ( is the only national internet registry or .np ccTLD domain registrar. As of now, only,,,, and secondary domain names can be registered which is enough for most of the purposes for us.

First of all check your .np domain availability on the registrar site, then follow the terms and conditions.
1 register mos website
Ensure to check the domain availability for your own name (or initials of the name) if registering for personal domain or your organization initials or trademark if registering for company.

If your .np domain is free registration, the you can proceed to register but comfort yourself with Terms and Conditions for registering Domain Name under NP ccTLD. Please, read those points given in Mercantile’s page. Few things to remind you are:
1. Getting .np registered is a first come, first served service.
2. Refrain from trademarks and powerful business house names for registering. Your request can be rejected even asking you about the domain name you opted.
Seriously, MOS will not allow a person named Sujan to register for or your other code name (, our past experience shows this as well.
3. Cozy yourself because your phone number including your address is going to be publicly available at .np Whois database.
4. Organizations have to follow even more strict policies upon registering .np; for more details please visit the NP ccTLD registration policies page.
2 how to register np domain
Once you are done with .np domain registering terms and conditions (for personal or official purpose), you can fill the new registration form for your domain name. Registering .np domain name is an easy task of filling form which required admin contacts and technical contact (ensure you enter a working email address).
Primary and secondary name server (NS) are the other two technical requirements which your webhost or domain registrar can provide. (This depends on how you are going to host your website)

Once you submit your form, you should present the official letters to MOS office (we suggest faxing your Nepalese citizenship and a letter request the domain for your personal purpose) and wait for about 3 business days. And your .np domain name is registered successfully.
You can modify your .np domain name details including name server if you have changed your web host on Domain Modification page.

End of: .np Domain Registration tutorial on How to register domain name/website in Nepal?
How to register .np domain in Nepal? Domain registrations under .NP ccTLD by Mercantile in Nepal, the national internet registry Nepal.
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