KarobarMart – Yet another e-Commerce site in Nepal [Personal Review]

Yet another eCommerce site in Nepal - Karobarmart Cart logo
Yet another eCommerce site in Nepal – Karobarmart Cart logo

[label style=”default”]eCommerce on rise in Nepal.[/label]  These days with increase in online activities, every other business in retail is coming up with associated eShop. People enjoy shopping online and find it easy because on the one hand it saves time, on the other hand its easy and reliable. You don’t need to hanging around shopping malls wondering where is the particular product you want to buy. You just search the product you want on the internet, fill some paying details that’s all then you get your stuffs delivered at your home. Nevertheless, you have to be careful about how trustworthy is the site. In context of Nepal, it’s not that easy. Moreover, it’s not taking that pace as it is expected to be. Most Nepali people do not prefer online shopping.

Last couple of weeks, I Googled about Nepali eCcommerce websites and to my surprise there are lots of ecommerce sites of varied tastes. As I was going through this, I came upon a website called karobarmart.com. What impressed me about the site was it’s simple and clean design. Its look is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. The designer managed to design this site user friendly. The whole site is developed using .net web software.

Karobarmart was founded and registered under the law of Nepal Government in 2012. This site offers online books, electronic goods and appliances, latest gadgets, beverages, computer and other electronics goods, sports materials and many more. You can find almost everything on this site. Karobarmart.com accepts local order payments through SCT-Card (Payroll Payment), net-banking, PayPal as well as COD (Cash on Delivery). (Related reading: Local Payment Gateways in Nepal.)

Karobarmart.com is planning to  provide its service in different countries including Japan, US, Canada, Australia and others. It also facilitates Nepalese citizens residing abroad to order and send gifts as well as other stuffs to their relatives living here in Nepal. Karobarmart is mostly common among the Nepalese living here in Nepal especially Kathmandu as well as in abroad and also able to manage majority of payment gateway.

The site is designed, developed and maintained  by Er. Sanjeeb Lamsal, an Electronic and Communication Engineer. He has been working as part-time trainer at New Horizon Computer Learning Centre on Redhat and CCNA since 2009. He is also the part of Total Business Institutions (TBI) group as system engineer since last 3 years and recently working with Nepal News Network International (3NI) as System Engineer. He is going to deploying entire VDI system in 3NI.

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