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VoIP Internet Telephony
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Last time we wrote about Wireless Internet service providers in Nepal, many of which happen to be legal VoIP providers as well. However, after many illegal VoIP activities going on in the country, the government had decide to legalize it. That has lead to many larger providers go into the voice-data-telephony business.

Many ISPs and other individual/private firms were identified to be operating illegal call bypass and illegal VoIP services (the later is still going-on on many parts of the country, the government couldn’t be working to stop illegal VoIP services in many internet cafes and contact based providers). All of these VoIP providers here are working on the basis of VoIP SIP accounts, and legalizing of VoIP in Nepal is supposed to bring revenues to government from appropriate call bypass and internet telephony.

So, what is VoIP and is it legal in Nepal?

Simply, VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a set of rules that allows one to make a phone call over the internet, the telephony can be internet-to-internet devices (phones, computers) or internet-traditional phones and vice versa. Usually, VoIP is Voice over Broadband (VoBB) since it requires a broadband connection. VoIP works as a software phone (softphone) installed in your device from which you can make a phone call using internet and appropriate SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) accounts provided by service provider. And VoIP has been legalized in Nepal and many providers are licensed for this.

* Still, users can not terminate VoIP calls to Nepal, this means you cannot use VoIP to make a phone call to a traditional telephone line inside Nepal.

* VoIP calls are occasionally cheaper than traditional dedicated packet/circuit based network calls. BUT NTA has not yet fixed any rates, VoIP calls start from as low as 99paisa.

This list of legal VoIP service providers in Nepal is given in random.

1. Callbidesh from WebSurfer:

Call bidesh internet telephony from Websurfer ISP in NepalProduct of Websurfer ISP, worldwide coverage with claimed Quality of the Service (QoS), dedicated website for VoIP services, online transaction possible via eSewa and NIBL, Callbidesh website

2. Namaste Call from Infocom:

Namaste call VoIP from Info Com Nepal
Namaste call VoIP from Info Com Nepal

Internet Telephony Services from Infocom ISP, uses Global Digital Network (GDN) as a softphone, large business houses currently their customers but the website is clumsy doesn’t provide much info, Namaste call website

3. italk Softphone from Himal Technologies:

i-talk softphone from Himal Technologies and Quantum comm networks, cost effective, relatively useful softphone dialer, can’t make a call from browser or their website, italk website

4. World Call from WorldLink:

One of the oldest and trusted VoIP providers in Nepal, provides usual VoIP plus D2D (Device to Device) internet telephony, competitive rates if QoS is considered,  WorldLink internet telephony website

5. Radius Call from Radius Communications:

Radius call VoIP from Radius communicationsPopular VoIP service from Radius communications, many destinations, online purchase/recharge possible via NIBL and eSewa including ATM service of NIBL, provision for cyber package, can make calls from a web browser, call dialer (softphone) with SMS feature,   Radius call website

6. CT Talk from Classic Tech:

New comer in VoIP industry, provide SIP-capable hardware phones, worldwide coverage, competitive telephony call rates, many offers, don’t forget to ask for discount, CT Talk website

7. EasyPhone NTC VoIP SIP Phone

EasyPhone NTC VoIP SIP Phone
EasyPhone NTC VoIP SIP Phone

Nepal Telecom had decide to introduce VoIP phone from August 2011, NTC VoIP gives unique username and password to its customers and people can make a call in Nepali number from anywhere in the world with the help of internet which is unique to other providers. Benefit is same Easy call card can be used to make VoIP calls and traditional TDM calls, EasyPhone NTC VoIP SIP Phone website

8. BroadTel VoIP Telephony from BroadLink

Provides IP Phone, soft phones (PC to Phone dialers), mobile dialers (best option for smart phone owners), browser call services, BroadTel is a portable service if you are a BroadLink WiFi customer already, VoIP calling cards available everywhere and similar to wifi services access, BroadTel VoIP Telephony from BroadLink website

Only ISP licensees are permitted to offer such VoIP/SIP/Internet Telephony services in Nepal. Even tho’ Nepal Telecommunication Authority doesn’t provide the complete list of registered and legal VoIP /SIP Providers in Nepal, a third party website can be used to track down VoIP providers list – .

Click here to read VoIP Regulations set forth by Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA).

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  1. Jivan says

    Is Nepal government proactive about this?
    Where is the legal complications going on, unless and until some big boss come into the market. Looks like there are thousands of cyber cafes running VoIP services illegally, what about those?

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