Ncell App Camp in Nepal revitalizes appconomy

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Zillion thanks to Ncell. Appconomy in Nepal will never the same again. Ncell, Nepal’s top telco, organized a very notable program addressing all the app developers, start ups and design entrepreneurs with their everyday concept in the Ncell App Camp event. This AppCamp – as the name suggest – has certainly established concerned of app business, app ideas and app culture in Nepal. Appconomy has surely been revitalized in Nepal’s App Market after this grand event.

Ncell App Development - biggest app development conclave in Nepal
Ncell App Development – biggest app development conclave in Nepal

Ncell App Camp Summary

App project categories: 4

Total app projects: 457

Initial selection: 150

No doubt Ncell App Camp has targeted at unleashing the country’s digital potential and making Nepali young entrepreneurs to the global mobile application industry both by providing app platform, mentosrhip and valuable insight on their concept. Once the apps participating or realized from the event get to the public, it will be self proven that Ncell App Camp in Nepal has revitalized Nepal’s appconomy.

This App Camp is to contribute to drive innovation and make Nepalese youngsters part of the worldwide mobile applicaton industry, highlights Erim Taylanlar, CEO, Ncell.

Ensuring brighter future through tech: Ncell App Camp's education category depiction
Ensuring brighter future through tech: Ncell App Camp’s education category depiction

Candy Crush creator and games guru of, Tommy Karl Palm visited the event to mentor and inspire 150 teams of the Ncell App Camp. Palm focused on capacity building and his experiences of the mobile app development, entrepreneurship, skills needed for a successful start-ups and business development. The idea pitching by the contenders was also a great exposure in itself as rest of the non-participating app developers learnt a lot from the App Camp.

App Camp Lithuania CEO and co-founder of Mobofree, Tomas Martunas, also visited the event to lighlight sustainability of start up business. He emphasized that the initial three months for any startup, which he calls as ‘death valley’ requires friends, families and fools to help the business survive. ~Ashesh’s blog

Focus areas of the Ncell App Camp

Four different categories of app projects was all Ncell App Camp focused on for newer concept on both demand-based and supply driven need of the apps. However, this need of app might not have been incorporated while opting the categories of the App Camp app categories – at least Team TechSansar feel this! Categories being limited to:

  1. Agriculture apps
  2. Corporate Solutions apps
  3. Education apps
  4. Tourism apps

In each of these 4 categories, six app projects were competing for the group title and the event title.

Finalists of the Ncell App Camp

Each of the finalist and winner of the App Camp app project winners (individual award amount being NPR 250,000) are:

  1. Agriculture apps – ICT for Agriculture
  2. Corporate Solutions -SentiNep
  3. Education apps – RitiRiwaj
  4. Tourism apps – Lipi (The Script)

The mobile phone application—ICT for Agriculture—basically connects multiple stakeholders of the agriculture sector to a common platform and imparts knowledge about various aspects of agro business to the farmers.  ICT for Agriculture the winner of the Ncell App Camp competition with cash prize of Rs 500,000, is worth noted. ~eKantipur.

According to Ncell, a total of 457 projects had contested, of which 150 projects were selected initially. The participants were mentored by national and international mentors representing different sectors. Such a range of innovative cell phone applications developed by Nepali developers are sure to be main stream economic indicators in time to come – appconomy is next big thing happening in Nepal.

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