Nepal Police goes Mobilic with Hamro Police Smartphone App – Review

It takes time, but definitely it comes into action. As a part of e-Government in Nepal, the country’s national Police force – Nepal Police, – has recently released an Smartphone app named “Hamro Police”. The app is an initiation of (Kathmandu) Metropolitan city police and is available for free both in Android and iOS platform starting July 5, 2015 (Asar 20, 2072).

Currently, Hamro Police smartphone app is targeted to the citizens of 3 districts of the Kathmandu valley only (update! there is a geolocation feature in the app which makes it useless if you travel out of the valley – also it’s a bad idea to install this app if you don’t live in the valley – this restriction is discovered in Android phone and not in iOS.)

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App name: Hamro Police

Platform: iOS & Android

Price: Free

Download Page:

Download official Hamro Police mobile app from Google Play  Download official Hamro Police mobile app from iOS AppStore


Hamro Police App Animated iPhone screenshots
Hamro Police App Animated iPhone screenshots

Nepal Police’s Hamro Police app  is the result of metro police’s top priority in utilizing extensive technology to control crime in the country. In the past the metro police, used to collect information and data from various technology tools including public reports, phone call and SMS tracing and tracking, voice or speech synthesis (polygraph), and others.

“Location is required to find out where you are” Hamro Police app tracks your each and every movement thru out days and night. You can select to use GPS only when reporting incidents. Some privacy here!!!

Features of Hamro Police app

  • Report an incident including the description of the incident or crime. The location of the incident reporting is directly tracked using latitude and longitude of the place from where the incident is being reported. Both the location or place of incident and photos can be sent to the Police directly from the app (pictorial and documentary evidence).
  • Information of the nearest Police Station, utilizing the geolocation feature of your smartphone.
  • Thank the Police for their good deeds – thanking honest and committed police officers for their service.
  • File a public complain – this makes public lodge complaints directly to the police HQ seamlessly.
  • Police alerts – get instant alerts directly from the Metropolice headquarters.
  • SMS an incident to the Police if you don’t have an Internet connection on your smartphone.
Logding complaint to Nepal Metro Police via smartphone app
Logding complaint to Nepal Metro Police via smartphone app

Hamro Police App is a joint initiative of Metro Police Kathmandu (@npmetro), Local Interventions Group (@LIGintl) and Islington College, with technology support from Third Pole Connects Pvt. Ltd. Within Nepal Police Hamro Police app was conceived by Metro Police Kathmandu Commissioner AIG Bigyan Raj Sharma, facilitated by SSP Pushkar Karki, led on technology front by DSP Rabin Basnyat and approved by IGP Upendra Kant Aryal.

In our quest to modernize Nepal Police, more features will be added in the near future, helping to bring communities closer to the police, states the description of the official Hamro Police app.

Currently, public from anywhere in the country can also file complaints and eSuggestions directly from the Nepal Police website here. They also maintain a simple database of Lost & Found.

Follow official Hamro Police app document from Metro police’s website (pdf).

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