Secure your NTC ADSL, how to tips

Last weekend some guys here at were trying to fool Nepal Telecom’s ADSL Broadband Internet Services and we all are still surprised how easy it was to hack NTC’s ADSL. Though we are not going to teach you how to crack or hack or guesstimate ADSL username and password, we are surely going to tell you to strengthen your ADSL internet connection so that others would not be able to connect via your credentials.

Nepal Telecom has implemented a port or line binding feature so that the ADSL username is tied to the particular telephone number being subscribed to.

Hence, even if somebody knows your default username & password of ADSL (which is, again let us say, anybody could guess & call it ADSL hacking!) can not use in their own telephone number HOWEVER they can alter your details at ADSL customer self-care called UshaComm Web Services at

URGENT: Visit ADSL Self-care customer page to manage your security settings now, Understanding Nepal Telecom’s Self-care Customer Care Service Interface for ADSL & WiMAX Broadband Services

There are enough proofs for hacking NTC ADSL, not only we (guys at but also few technocrat and computer crack (as they liked to be called as) visitors have shared their views. So, it’s time to safeguard your ADSL connection. Don’t let you pay for your ADSL line while you can’t use it yourself. There might be so many blunders that you might be committing unknowingly.

The first time we experienced the ADSL connection from Nepal Telecom, they give the same username and password to all of their visitors. And changing the NTC ADSL password is not that easy stuff, one has to go thru a lot of steps in Telecom’s site. Create a new a/c into their online customer center (which rarely worked for us, the page was never opened in fact), fill up all requirements (most of which are so confusing ones) and others to complete the steps.

So, TechSansar Team suggest you to change your ADSL password as soon as you feel like you’re unsafe or just for a fun.

The other problem might be with the Router which connects the two networks ie the NTC’s server and Your home computer network. Ensure that you are safe with your Wi-Fi connectivity. Encrypt it or allow certain MAC addresses or devices which you want to. (More on this on later articles with video)

Is your Wi-Fi unsecured? The Homegroup or Workgroup in Windows can bring you a lot of jeopardy if your not password safe. Change or ensure them to be @#$%*.

Another one is with your landline or PSTN telephone number. Always register to NTC ADSL broadband internet service with the number that is least know to others, in case if you have more than one landline numbers. You’ll know that you’ll not repent on doing this later.

We have a lot of security related and ADSL optimization articles undergoing and already published. So, visit them to help yourself or write to us.

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