UrStyle TV Nepal's 1st Lifestyle Web Channel [Review]

UR Style TV, Nepal's first Web Channel
UR Style TV, Nepal’s first Lifestyle Web Channel

Idea Honey Bunny with more than 1.1 million views (video at the end of this article) has not only proven a good platform for web TV but also the demand for new and accessible media entertainment as proved by UR Style Web TV. First of its kind in the country, UR Style TV is Nepal’s 1st lifestyle web channel that has already produced more than 34 quality videos in its YouTube Channel, collecting over almost 1.2 million views and 3.3 thousand subscribers.


Obviously there are lots of traditional Nepali TV channels. Traditional in sense that non of them really produce any high definition (HD) content despite broadcasting commercials of HD and 3D Television sets, even claimed DTH (Direct to Home) TVs fail to produce high def except to broadcast foreign channels. Also proposed IPTV channels in Nepal seem only to be present in the paper, let’s see how this FREE YouTube based web Channel perform.

Lots of TV and various channels out there but hardly any web tv especially in the context of Nepal. So, realizing this fact and a desire to stand unique, we launched urstyleTV.com. Undoubtedly, it is the first web TV in Nepal all about Living, Travelling, Fooding and Style. ~ URStyleTV.com

UR Style TV, appropriately the channel for new generation in Nepal, has the potential to bring in more viewers specially from expat Nepalese and other independent viewers since it is based on YouTube channel. However, the risk might be the unavailability of trustworthy broadband Internet in the country, our Internet still sucks, watching 720p or 1080p HD videos in YouTube is still far reach from many of us. Even though YouTube cache on Nepal Telecom‘s server provide a sense of relief while browsing YouTube, subscribers of other ISPs are still not able to get the benefit of local caching. We believe UR Style TV should bring in local cache available to all users in Nepal, while bringing in visitors to them and technology to people.

UR Style TV is primarily based on lifestyle as the name suggest, so far we can watch various lifestyle of Kathmanduties in the channel, hope they will cover other cities in near future. You can enjoy many webisodes of Food Bowl, Urstyle Icon, Style Code,, Evento, The gorgeous life  as the continuous  broadbast programs on URstyle TV. The official UrstyleTV’s channel feature videos on *Living, *Lifestyle & fashion, *Fun & humor, *Traveling, *Society & People.

Developed by MegaSoft, URStyle TV has been on the web since March 13, 2012, day the Channel was on YouTube. While most of the webisodes and other videos on the channel are NOT getting even 1% of the views of the popular Honey Bunny video, and  there are still a couple of broken links, and lack of branding both in their website, YouTube Channel and the video player embedded in the site, (we believe these will be fixed soon) URStyle TV still has a huge potential to get eye of new internet generation in Nepal.

Watch this trend setting video of Idea Honey Bunny produced by URStyle, and share us your views of potential of Web TV in Nepal.

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