Using Google Input Method – Google Transliteration IME for Nepali Language Input


Using Google Input Method is probably one of the most easiest ways to write Nepali language. No fonts needed, no need to be online. Type in Roman Nepali and get your output on-the-fly in Unicode which is ready to be input at any program where you need to type – be it a Word processing Software or a comment on, for instance.

Google Transliteration service (now supported for Windows 64-bit OS) can be used in two ways: either using an online typing form or installing a Google IME program on your local computer and accessing it whenever you like.

1. Using Google Online Transliteration (online):

On the drop down menu choose Nepali language (time and again we saw Hindi as a default language).
You can choose the font size, stylescoloring, and more for your text formatting. You even have the option to hyperlink the words or phrases.
On the writing box, start typing your text in Roman language. As you write some alphabets, Google Transliteration labs will automatically suggest you the most appropriate word. You can either select the word suggested to you or continue with yours.
Once you finish writing, copy all the test and paste it where necessary. Since the produced (transliterated) text is Nepali Unicode based (Mangal font suggested, as we observed), you can use it in web pages, commenting or in MS Word or other office programs.
We suggest you to bookmark the Google Transliteration labs home page (click here) if you’re a frequent user.

2. Using Google Transliteration IME (Offline, Recommended):

First of all Download Google Transliteration IME. Install it on your computer, and sadly the installer will install the program from internet – so you’ll need internet to install the program.

Using Google Input Method – Google Transliteration IME for Nepali Language Input

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