WordCamp Nepal 2013 congregates Nepalis WordPress & Web Developers

Nepalis WordPress and web designers, enthusiasts and developers gathered together on the last Saturday, October 26th to mark as big day ‘Second WordCamp Nepal 2013‘. The camp engaged with the recent developments in the field of web and WordPress technologies, followed by issues of payment gateways and WordPress as much more than just a complete blogging platform.

[pullquote align=”right”]It was mix of awesome sponsors, dynamic personalities, talented developers, enthusiastic WordPressers and vibrant energy on this WordCamp! We really had amazing pool of Speakers who shared really fantastic stuff. ~ Chandra M, WordCamp Nepal 2013[/pullquote]

WordCamp Nepal 2013 Logo
WordCamp Nepal 2013 Logo
Noted discussion in the WordCamp included many interesting topics and panel discussion based on open floor. Program was spread with hash tag #wcnp2013. Sharing the camp as we saw it in RAW (as we attended the Camp):
Future of web design by Chandra: Chandra Maharjan with the complete reminder of what the archived Internet Design looks like – from the Geocities to present day multimedia rich web context, From bulky rectangular web design and WordPress themes to the minimalist approach of web design and the wordpress themes of course, CSS Draft being worked by Adobe and Microsoft:  CSS Regions and Surfaces, CSS Regions: Containers, and design containers from one container to the other.
Designer Chandra M also discussed Why and how responsive designs fail today? Mobile adaptive/ not good for ads particularly as… ads on widgets are sent to the buttom of the page where nobody browser it. The nest generation design should be view-port friendly, Css shapes: defines all shapes….National geographic demos are best to describe the recently with design of the modern web style
Q: Loading time with the modern web design from internet speed issues/cloud delivery or Browser rendering
Q: Complexity level of mapping areas in CSS for next generation web design
Tool to create coordinates of a shape and sizes for generating polynomial with coordinates of the shape and size. Find coordinates for CSSing & 3D visualization.
The session /W Philip A Moore: Developing an awesome theme by Philip A Moore
Now on WordCamp Nepal! How to become a WordPress Theme Developer by @philip_arthur at #wcnp2013
Participant in WordCamp Nepal 2013
Participant in WordCamp Nepal 2013
Yet another session /w Ujjwal Thapa on Blogging experience
Now on WordCamp Nepal! #WordPress as a blogging platform, experience of 6+ years of blogging by @ujwalthapa on #wcnp2013
Experience of his whynepal.com; Target and experience of blogging since 2006  and multiply editing. Random thoughts on G docs for sharing and collaborating. Unicode helps for language perspective of Nepali language blogs but aint that easy which should been. Open source content  blog
Collaborative tools for WP:

  1. Post forking
  2. Coauthor plus

Plugins: Better WP Security/ Broken Link Checker /
Q:  Why nobody reads our sites?
W/ Payment gateway & business panel discussion
Now on #WordCamp #Nepal: Payment gateway & business panel discussion #wcnp2013
Payment gateways:
PayPal X
MoneyBrookers OK
2 Check out – ok – money wired
Electronic payments /gateways – Nepal is … just stucked for so long. Payment industry is strictly scrutinized. Compliance issuance, KML / KYC: Identification process
Why are there no payment gateways in Nepal? Electronic talking with banks to banks…
Company like MarkNet for payment gateways in Nepal….
Nepal Rastra Bank is a reason for technology growth in our country for payment gateways. NRB is full of specialized economist and gurus on the international finance but… why are they not listening; To the need of all Nepalese IT entrepreneurs, developers and others.
Legitimacy of ecommerce site in Nepal. Government when sees the volume… then they will make the laws… it is shitty experience.
w/ SEO for WordPress
SEO is dead. Google now displays just 13% organic results rest is ads and junks.  They have retired their SEO department for so called Web 3.0 and renamed KM. Why is SEO being promoted rather than SMO or KM or something that would be
No domain registration/expiry data? How is domain registration for longer duration able to growth SEO?
SEO Score?
Wrong information, information not supported by references.
w/ Jimba Tamang with Parallax websites
Its all about interactive contains and context in websites. Most effective and interactie websites…
Parallax scrolling websites, Everylastdrop.co.uk
W/ #WordPress Theme Development panel discussion @ #wcnp2013
GPL and pro themes developing and submitting and marketing

Visit official Word Camp Nepal 2013 website for details information and photo gallery @  http://2013.nepal.wordcamp.org/2013/10/27/wordcamp-2013-thank-you-all/

Our photo gallery @ https://plus.google.com/+Techsansar/posts/BJVvQhrrcbQ

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