SEO Guide to Nepalese Bloggers – नेपाली ब्लगरहरुलाई SEO सम्बन्धि सुझावहरु

Some Offline SEO Tips

(Target: Generate traffic to your website / blog, NOT revenue)

1. Business Card – get the card imprinted with blog logo, URL, email (email is more important thank link)

2. Back hood of your car or sidebars in your mo-bike

3. Flyers – if you own a house in New Road, you gonna make it all

4. Stickers – use wisely

5. Back of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop cover – (why show that manufacturer logo?)

6. T-shirt print – if you think, many people will wear a t-shirt with your blog name/url in it

7. Meeting another blogger offline – there are awesome coffee shops in Kathmandu now, get to meet (call us, if you want)

8. Magazines – we aren’t sure if our dailies understand the importance of publishing our blog articles in them (?)

  1. Nishan says

    I like it.

  2. yaznas53 says

    Nice one!

  3. Milan Sagar Kharel says

    Yes I Like It.

  4. Swagat Gyawali says

    Do permalink plays vital role in ranking???

  5. Susan says

    Internal link also play great role…
    Nice one

  6. Santosh Mainali says

    Nice Information. Click here ti view my website

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