SEO Guide to Nepalese Bloggers – नेपाली ब्लगरहरुलाई SEO सम्बन्धि सुझावहरु

Some Offline SEO Tips

(Target: Generate traffic to your website / blog, NOT revenue)

1. Business Card – get the card imprinted with blog logo, URL, email (email is more important thank link)

2. Back hood of your car or sidebars in your mo-bike

3. Flyers – if you own a house in New Road, you gonna make it all

4. Stickers – use wisely

5. Back of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop cover – (why show that manufacturer logo?)

6. T-shirt print – if you think, many people will wear a t-shirt with your blog name/url in it

7. Meeting another blogger offline – there are awesome coffee shops in Kathmandu now, get to meet (call us, if you want)

8. Magazines – we aren’t sure if our dailies understand the importance of publishing our blog articles in them (?)

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  1. Nishan says:

    I like it.

  2. Milan Sagar Kharel says:

    Yes I Like It.

  3. Swagat Gyawali says:

    Do permalink plays vital role in ranking???

  4. Susan says:

    Internal link also play great role…
    Nice one

  5. Santosh Mainali says:
  6. Santosh Mainali says:

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