SEO Guide to Nepalese Bloggers – नेपाली ब्लगरहरुलाई SEO सम्बन्धि सुझावहरु

Blog Optimization Tips

1. Remove plugins that are unnecessary

2. Speed up your page (Search engines treat this seriously, and good for slow internet like in Nepal)

3. Use caching (if no CDN is available, or you don’t intend to purchase one)

  1. Nishan says

    I like it.

  2. yaznas53 says

    Nice one!

  3. Milan Sagar Kharel says

    Yes I Like It.

  4. Swagat Gyawali says

    Do permalink plays vital role in ranking???

  5. Susan says

    Internal link also play great role…
    Nice one

  6. Santosh Mainali says

    Nice Information. Click here ti view my website

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