SEO Guide to Nepalese Bloggers – नेपाली ब्लगरहरुलाई SEO सम्बन्धि सुझावहरु

Many Nepalese bloggers have asked us to research, analyze and publish the reasons behind why Nepalese blogs are not that much search engine friendly. We focus mainly on those Nepalese blogs which are written in Nepali language mostly.

We would like to thank many Twitter and Facebook friends for helping us with their views and providing links to blogs. One should focus on these following important better blogging parameters to achieve the aim.

  1. Language of the blog post – Nepali OR English should not matter as long as the blog is alive
  2. Visual of the blog – clutter free, and minimum click accessibility
  3. URL structure, never dying permalinks and short URL of blog posts
  4. Originality in the matter of the blog post published. Genuine contents drag visitors for a long time, and recurring as well. Original contents will reward you in a long run, if your blog features original works then you get visitors for a long time, referred both from friend’s blog post and search engine results as well.
  5. Longevity of the blog post – do you believe in Tower posts? If not try by publishing some long posts but it isn’t compulsory to get visitors
  6. Set smart goals to achieve your blog’s success (?) – nobody except you know what that takes to make your blog success
  7. Plan SEO and implement it – do not alias with keywords lest you get penalized by Google
  8. Use open source tools – if you can prefer over other commercial blogging platform
  9. Mobile strategy for your blog – allow blog readers ability to see your device adaptive website. So, ensure you have iPad or tablet version of your blog for tablet visitors, smartphone version for those users, this is really not that hard.
  10. Reply comments/queries on your blog posts – if your visitors leave you any comments, queries, criticism or any short of discussion, you should feel free to take them all positively and reply them whenever necessary. Also, you should timely comment on other blogs of your interest to retrieve visitors and link performances.

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  1. Nishan says:

    I like it.

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    Yes I Like It.

  3. Swagat Gyawali says:

    Do permalink plays vital role in ranking???

  4. Susan says:

    Internal link also play great role…
    Nice one

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