Facebook & Twitter via SMS Now in Nepal

FB My first Facebook Status through SMS - Sparrow SMSFinally, the wait is over for us Nepalese. The real fun and excite of updating your Facebook message and Tweets by sending an SMS is in our reach. These are, btw, not official Facebook and Twitter numbers or services which have been in use since long in many other countries.

Sparrow SMS, power of Text, has brought Facebook via SMS and Twitter via SMS connectivity among the Nepalese Mobile Telephone Operators. Sparrow SMS is the product of Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd, an outsourcing company based in Kathmandu.

What is Sparrow SMS? Sparrow SMS is a complete SMS Service powered by SMSFOX engine capable of running any type of SMS campaign and everything possible in Nepal via SMS (as written in their home page.)

How to update Facebook status via SMS in NTC or NCell Mobile?

First, connect SparrowSMS to your Facebook account (click here to do so) and grant permissions for SparrowSMS to publish to your wall. We assume SparrowSMS will use this feature only for the purpose of posting our SMS sent status on FB Wall.

Enter your mobile number (NTC or NCell) and your email address.

To update Facebook status via SMS

Type FB <space> your-status-message-to-fb-wall; then SEND to 4001

Charge per SMS is Re 1 + tax ie Rs 1.24

According their website, this service has been in active since October 1, 2010. Read SparrowSMS privacy policy and Terms of Conditions.

How to send Tweets or update Twitter via NTC or NCell SMS?

To update Twitter via SMS

Type TW <space> your-max-140-character-tweet; then SEND to 4001

However, you need to authorize Sparrow SMS to access (read/write) your Twitter account. This means Sparrow SMS is not directly associated with Twitter, they will perform a two-step action to update your Tweets. We could not find any apps but the authentication permission to Sparrow SMS for allowing to update Tweets like in Facebook (see the steps in screenshot.)

Sadly, our Twitter verification failed and were taken to this page https://nepal.sparrowsms.com/index.php/sms_twitter/callback

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