Ncell launches 3G services

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Ncell launched 3G services for its valued pre-paid as well as post paid customers. The service offers high speed mobile data service, and is already running in nine cities including Kathmandu.

“We are committed to making it easy for our customers to use any mobile data services, hence there is no need to change the existing SIMcard and no additional start up cost is involved” said Ncell chief executive officer Pasi Koistinen.

“It is possible for anyone with an Ncell SIM and 3G enabledphones to use the 3G network,” he said, adding that the service is already available on the customers’ existing SIM card.

It charges Rs 6 per Mega Byte (MB), which comes to about Rs 0.006 per Kilo Byte (KB), and to celebrate the launch of the service Ncell is now giving away free content from their mobile portal from September 15 to September 30.

“We are very satisfied about the development,” Pasi added.

“We have noticed that our customers are now using their mobiles to visit out mobile portal for ringtones, check mails and visit social networking sites to beconnected via 3G mobile technology.”

The customer value of 3G is to offer quick access to any internet service using the mobile phone, the services most popular are Facebook, Gmail, news sites which can now be accessed at a high speed. After recently launching Blackberry Solutions in Nepal, Ncell is now looking to provide better and more reliable high tech services to its customers.

“We have got the response we expected for Blackberrysolutions, we were targeting the corporate sector and we have received an asexpected response,” said Pasi.

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  1. rameshwor says

    From necll 3G service it is possible to surffing internet service usinging the personal computer (desk top)?
    there is any device like EVDO device in market which take 3G sim and possible to internet service from our desktop computer?
    if yes how much it cost for that device?

  2. yalamber says

    is it possible to make video calls?

  3. Monkey says

    Rameshwor why are you thinking in such a way 3G is 3G simply use skype for free.

  4. rajkumar says

    i want to know about ncell 3G and where i get in nepal coz i want to use in my laptop plz reply me if need to booking for NCELL3G i have to pay .please give me a good information

  5. kunal says

    Its amazing that ncell launched 3g.
    I m happy cost is not so high but it still need to be lowered so that Nepalese people can use it Easily.
    and Ncell should lowered the Tarrifs so that it would be more stronger and competitive in respect too Indian Networks.
    thank u

  6. Umakantdas says

    Thank you Ncell….

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