Alert! Facebook viruses and malwares

We at our Facebook pages have been experiencing fake and totally advertisement oriented status updates of many friends. So many bad applications are running inside the Facebook platform and it seems like FB is totally unaware of. We had even reported about some apps to FB team but they seem like to be dumb.

It’s time to be concerned over your security. This is not only about safe and better computing but also about safe web habits and what you do on your social networking site.  Your Facebook or Twitter or MySpace profile doesn’t only mean what or who you are but …. unfortunately there is more to go thru.

Do you ever like somebody posting something adult status and with a link to the video which nobody ever wanted to share with friends? We have come across so many such apps inside FB. Time has come for Facebook safety and privacy. If you happen to come across such notorious status updates of your friends, then should we say that you need to act. Don’t think that it is the best time to quit your Facebook and with the best reasons that make Facebook more vulnerable.

Few of those alerts we came across are posted below:

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For security reasons we have disabled the link to and displaying of complete links to these malwares… what we believe about.

So get alert of Facebook viruses and malware  when you are on the FB framework. What do you say?

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