Best and free customized Twitter Background providers

We have collected the best and free customized twitter background providers for today’s post. Hope you’ll check them out. Most of these services allow you to automatically post your background to your Twitter profile requiring your Twitter username and password.Twitback logo
Some of these Twitter addon services feature twitter template designer, adding social networks and links like Facebook, Blogs and custom URLs and others even allow promoting your twitter profile. However, most of them will simply change the twitter profile background.

  • TwitterBackground: They have new twitter backgrounds daily and updating your twitter background is rather easy. There are varieties of twitter background categorized for our personal needs. Twitter backgrounds are free and custom made, installation is automatic using Twitter’s API. We personally loved this service in spite of the service water marked logo on the twitter background.
    The site says it is #1 Site for Twitter Backgrounds. 1000’s of FREE Twitter background images and Twitter layouts.
  • Twitbacks: Create your own Twitter background with your branding – Free. However, if you want to remove the twitbacks logo or branding then you must sign up for premium member but why want that if you don’t bother about the twitback logo.
  • FreeTwitterDesigner: allows you to personalize your Twitter background. Design your own twitter background is the motto of this site. To be honest, this site may be heavy for your bandwidth as it is based on flash. We had to wait a lot before this site responded. However, the twitter background are high quality and superb. Try yourself now.

If have any other Twitter wallpaper/background service provider, then share with us. At the same time follow us in twitter @techsansar

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