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Now, the message box of social giant Facebook is not limited to just sending or receiving updates inside the Facebook interface. The newly upgraded Facebook messages allow users to use FB messages like a complete email solution integrated with Instant chat, SMS (Short Message Service) and File attachment. Facebook had announced this service few months ago but had left users with disappointment of not instant upgrading of their messages.

New Facebook Messages System
New Facebook Messages System

In the New Facebook Messages; one can see all messages together with full conversation history with your own private Facebook email address. Each user gets an email address in the format of [email protected]. However, this may lead to potential spamming in future if the Facebook team doesn’t give enough care about.Actions for New Facebook messages There are a number of actions available to the message and another good point is that you can attach a multiple number of files – not just pics.

Moreover, not all users including us from Nepal can not use the Facebook text(SMS) to messages and vice versa services or visit this link If you still do not have access to the upgraded messages system, send us a Facebook message we shall invite you to use the new Facebook email.

Sending n attaching in New Facebook messages
Sending n attaching in New Facebook messages
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