Instagram high on business with gradual new features

Barack Obama's public Instagram profile

Barack Obama’s public Instagram profile

Instagram, the popular free photo sharing program and social network, has been a hot cake in the digital town mainly for the gradual features they have been introducing over months by now. Instant applying of digital filters to the photos snapped was something every teens with iPhone loved the most while Instagram was still juvenile with no appropriate business model or say revenue generating ideas to be precise.
From iPhone to iOS to Android to Windows Phone, Instagram has been stepping up in the platform market for users of diverse natures. When Facebook purchased Instagram, many believed Instagram would be integrated with Facebook, however things have gone normal atleast from the user perspective.
Instragram has been a confused start-up in sense of financial model or revenue generating aspect, simply because Instragram has not yet gone with any advertising or pro-plan. Moreover while pinstagram, webstagram and photoflow 3rd party websites allow users to view their Instagram accounts online, Instagram until recently wan’t able to do so, finally Instagram’s enabled user web profile for all this November 2012. This has brought in a thought about revised revenue model of Instagram while many businesses are joining Instagram hoping to bring in more social users from the web-based preview of the Instagram user page.
Recently, Instagram released the embeddable Badges features, which help users link to and promote the Instagram web profile. Similar to LinkedIn and Twitter profile icons, Instragram badges help you more visitors to your profile, but still users can not follow you via this badge. While Instagram grows in size, they are most likely to bring-in web-based uploading of images and videos soon. This is going to bring a good business for Instagram.

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