Twitter wants you to change your password ASAP

Maybe Twitter server were weak at security, maybe they may need to increase employers – to run the second largest Social Networking site (Facebook being the first). Twitter has recently sent a notification email urging users to change their passwords. Twitter HeadQuarters believe that they have recently been hit and many user’s accounts were exposed.twitter-locked

On an article My Account Has Been Compromised, Twitter group said for its support and troubleshooting section that if your Twitter account was hacked – you are to act for things right now. These may be some of the symptoms that your Twitter Account has been hacked, says Twitter HQ.

  • Unexpected Tweets, of course on your account
  • Unintended DM’s
  • Suspicious activities of un/following users
  • Direct email notification from Twitter saying – your Twitter email address has been changed (even tho’ you didn’t – wow.. how could Twitter stay push upon that)


So observe your account and act right now.

  • Change the Twitter password
  • Revoke Connections (go to Connections tab in Account settings)
  • Update your new password in your trusted 3rd party apps

Never enter your password in a third-party service or software that looks suspicious – Twitting is all about this.

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