How to permanently rotate pdf files

Maybe you come across situations when you need to design your Portable Document Format (PDF) files’ layout on portrait mode. It is possible to permanently rotate pages of a pdf file of a single pdf file either to horizontal or to vertical display. We account over Adobe Acrobat 9 for this purpose.

We find try to align pages via Rotate View clockwise or counterclockwise, Acrobat Reader saves this only for a temporary sessions. Once you close your file and open the rotated view is not saved. So, this article is the solution to permanently rotate the pages in pdf file.
If you need to combine supported files in Acrobat (Adobe Acrobat Pro required), select all those files and then on your context menu will appear the Acrobat command to combine supported files.
If you directly have the pdf file with pages already, then read below to permanently align pdf pages.
On the left pane of opened pdf file in Acrobat, select Pages, and you will see a series of pages in your pdf document. Now right click the page which needs to be rotated, then Rotate Page according to your need (90 or 180 degrees).
Once you rotate the pages, save the file and reopen it to see that the pages have been aligned according to your settings.
The context menu on sidebar Pages have many features of Acrobat – Insert, extract, replace or even delete selected pages in your multipage pdf file. Besides you can include page transitions between consecutive pages. There is also a provision for embedding page thumbnails in pdf files.

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