Test driving feature loaded Nero 10

Nero Multimedia suit 10

Nero Multimedia suit 10

Everyone can use the trial version of all new Nero – the industry leading Disc burning and Multimedia suit from German.
Nero Burning Rom now comes with all new SecurDisc feature – SecurDisc compilations have an increased resistance against physical damage such as scratches. However, SecurDisc is not a guaranteed scratchproof solution. SecurDisc technology is integrated into Nero Burning ROM to give you quality burns and state-of-the-art data protection on CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

SecurDisc is available for both CDs and DVDs compilations and always includes Data integrity check and Data reliability. The SecurDisc settings allow burning administrator the ability to check password protection, digital signature and limit in data redundancy of the disc being burned.
There are four ways, according to securdisc.net, in order to protect your data with SecurDisc. Your valuable and confidential files can be safe, SecurDisc allows you to

  • create a password-protected disc to prevent unwanted access to disc files
  • transfer your sensitive data from your disc to third party via digital signature employed on the discs
  • retrieve data from damaged discs since SecurDisc can add redundant and checksum data on empty spaces of such discs
  • preserve your disc over years from scratches so that you can back it up to another disc before decaying

Nero DiscSpan allows the splitting of files which exceed the configured amount of data on the disc. You can mix different disc types, which means you can also insert DVDs and BDs, even if you have started a CD Nero DiscSpan compilation.
AVCHD Video DVD disc can now be burned using Nero Burning ROM directly from hard drive or camcorder. AVCHD is an HD capturing format for camcorders. It is used for DVDs but compatible to Blu-ray Discs. Thus, all new Nero 10 supports both HD Discs and Blu-ray Disc recording (in Nero Vision not in Burning ROM though). AVCHD video on DVD is compatible to the specification of a Blu-ray Disc. However, playback is not guaranteed on all Blu-ray players.
Nero BackItUp & Back (given extra touch from its previous version) allows the auto backup now. This is the easiest way to safely store most important data to local and external hard drives. Autobackup will back up all of your files automatically every two hours.
Nero CoverDesigner is redefined with previous native support for LightScribe labeling. There are many new templates including new BD case designs.
Nero DiscSpeed can be used for Overburning test mainly along with other disc tests and bitsetting.
Nero InfoTool can be used to check HD Readiness, check if your system requirement needs the playback of Editable Blu-ray Disc (BDAV) for your BD-ROM Drive.
Nero Vision Xtra is the MediaHub, the one stop center of all media files and play back on the system.
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