Venture Capital comes to Nepal with Avant Ventures

Lot of young graduate Nepalese are looking into opportunity with start up or entrepreneurship of diversified nature. However, Nepal – being one of the poorest countries – lack even basic of what startup ecosystem requires for its florishment. Forget about venture capitals, forget about seed funding, forget about pitching your start up ideas. Not really now. Time is changing.

This time a new venture capital has come to Nepal with Avant ventures. No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team ~ Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder. With this mantra of team work, Avant ventures has prepared to become venture capital to assist start ups and entrepreneurs in the country. More from their recent advt:

Avant Ventures is a new business endeavor that aspires to see Nepal where economically viable and socially beneficial enterprises grow to their full potential.

Avant’s purpose is to enhance economic productivity and social benefits of enterprises by supporting them when their growth is stunted or survival is threatened by lack of capital. It intends to do so by being a trustworthy bridge between entrepreneurs and investors and creating value for both through investment and management services.

Envisioned by a found with track record of having promoted and managed many startups, and experience gained from success as well as failures, Avant is searching for people to build a core team at two levels:

  • Board Members/Guiding Partners
  • Members of Management/Executing Partners
Avant ventures Nepal
Avant ventures Nepal
Avant Ventures Nepal: Co-Travels Required
Avant Ventures Nepal: Co-Travels Required
For detail, visit official website of Avant Ventures – OR

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