Technology: An Agent of Change

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Wars are growing scarier every day. Every day the chance of destruction of earth, and planets alike, increases by folds. Everyday Google goes deeper into us with every search we do. Everyday a robot is born that is smart and strong enough to kill us. Scary enough? Yep, but there is a beautiful side to this story that needs to be told more than the scarier part. Everyday the chance that an infant will reach maturity increases; courtesy of technology. For every people who waste their time on Facebook and porn there are people who use internet to self educate themselves. Everyday less people stay in queues to pay their bills. Whatever be heard in the mainstream, technology is indeed making our life beautiful and is here to stay as an agent of change too powerful to ignore.

A decade ago it would take days to reach remote corners of our country. The traveling scenario still might be the same for some remote parts but voices do reach instantaneously everywhere. A few year ago I would if I were to do any project I would stay nights in library for months. Today if I’m seriously doing something I would be using internet in the warmth of my bed and blanket. And, mind it, I’m never again going to stay night in library as long as the internet stays. Yesterday your everyday shopkeeper was more than able to guess your shopping list, today Amazon stands to do exactly that. If your librarian helped you research yesterday, seek Google, Wikipedia or Quora today. Like it or not, things will go digital.

We might take it for granted that the green press button on our mobile phones must connect to the people we’re dialing but few decades ago it wasn’t there. Everyday the possibility that a genuinely innovative idea will fetch a wider audience and thus make massive changes increases dramatically thanks to the fiber optic grids (read-internet) that connects the world. Today there is so much data on the internet that it causes serious headaches sorting out the data. But, courtesy of data explosion, more people are well informed, sometimes misinformed but never ill informed. Technology has driven revolution in various parts of the world robbing ruthless rulers off their kingdom. Harness it to be a superhero, ignore it to be the victim.

Technology has transformed everything from the battle fields to hospitals, education to the entertainment industry. We get to watch fictions like Avatar which are more realistic than our lives. When PC games were first born they turned a lot of people inactive over decades. People would quit their outdoor games to successfully complete legacy games like DAVE. Games, as a technology were influential enough to change our lifestyle then and are influential enough to change our lifestyle today. Today with the advent of gaming technologies like Kinect, Playstation and Wii they want to transform us back into active gamers and they’re doing it quite well. Yesterday technologies, namely camera, captured places and brought them to our TV screens. Today technologies like HoloLens and Oculus Rift steal us right from our bedroom, or work place, and take us places we’ve only dreamt about. Technology can make us sit for hours and stand for equal measures at will.

New diseases do come out now and then and scare the shit out of folks. Compared to yesterday, any disease today meets a more rapid and educated response. Technology helps us so much that we may say seriously doubt its’ intent. Why does it help us so much? It’s because the problems are the reasons technology does exist in the first place. Sometimes it really is evil though. Innovation is such a beautiful word that makes tech possible. Some mad scientist and engineers suffer sleepless nights to make sure what was a science fiction yesterday mustn’t remain so today.

Technology will evolve from the needs of people and desires of businesses houses. It will make and break things and people. It will change every village that it will pass through. The villages too stubborn to sway to its’ tunes technology will be flooded

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