20 ways to promote your old blog posts

As the title suggest, we are collecting some of the best 2o ways to promote your old blog posts. However, what you should avoid promoting news items like blogs or reviews of old softwares and gadgets. After all, you know why you want to promoting your old blog post to achieve higher engagement turn over.
Feed me more, I don’t want to die old

1. Related posts

“You might also be interesting” is one of the most effective ways to promote your related old blog posts. It is a better idea to implement 3rd party tools like Outbrain for creating related posts rather than tweaking your own way. This brings in two possible benefits, content promotion and related content grade score.

2. Referencing the old posts

Back in August, we wrote about “Predicting Surface tablet’s design features”… and today we have the reality with us. For an instance, referencing older posts in new posts is a good idea to promote your old blog posts.

3. Advertising

Not a good suggestion as many would say. But you never know spending 5$ for promoting your that rocking age old would bring 500$. Try your luck.

4. Analyze the traffic potential

Should we include it in #1? Get your analytics report for your good old posts, and determine the strategy if they should be promoted or cross promoted, posted or cross posted.

5. Include blog post in Drop down menu

You can include the link to your good old blog post, in the menu item in your drop down menu so that it will not disturb the visual of the site. You can try this in our website as well.

6. Link back older posts

Internal linking older posts gives a good rank of old posts plus referencing creditability to the new post. After all, Google loves this practice.

7. Tags & Categories

Let’s say, you are writing a new article “4G and China – new synonym” possibly wanting to tag 4G and all of sudden you release whether you had earlier written anything tagged 4G. Search the tag in your tag search or edit your old post from 2011 named “Is new iPhone going to be 4G capable?”

8. Old is Gold – Fits Social Sharing

If you think your good old blog post is really no that bad, you can periodically tweet or share your blog post across the social networks. This includes multiple submission of the same link and blog post with suitable hash tags.

9. Revisit SEO

If you had forgotten to implement SEO in your old blog post, you can use SEO to bring in traffic back, better than nothing.

10. Slideshow of Most Popular blog post

Promoting your favorite blog post via a slide show or other means on your side bar of the blog post even in a home page would bring back engagement to your age old posts.

11. Community Participation

Find communities where you think the post will be relevant, share it, participate in those communities. Don’t forget peak times during the participation.

12. Guest post as bonus for old post

Write in other popular blog taking major portion from your old blog post, this way bring you double bonus, traffic plus creditability.

13. Weekly summary post

Some bloggers do, while others argue it’s not a good to. Writing a weekly or even a monthly blog post to link to and summary of the same in a digest format is another alternative. Even weekly summary of social status is a good option.

14. Subscription and old blog post

In your subscription or mailing list or even feedburner mailing, a link to an good old blog post can be included. This can go as a text ad or as a image ad.

15. Google + your old blog post

You may not agree at first, but this is effective specially in telling Google about your authorship and bringing in social metrics which otherwise will never go into the Google plus stream and your circles.

16. Re-Publish in your second blog or domain

As long as you own two separate blogs or sites, you can borrow contents or even republish the blog post. Don’t forget to mention, originally published in this site or strip off the contents before giving the link. Gives you backlink and visitors back.

17. Series of blog posts

Many people find this very interesting. Compiling many older posts going together as a new or making series 1 to 3 or more for a long article, is completely your choice. Both way brings back visitors to your old blog posts.

18. Live posts thru Sitemaps

To make sure that the old blog post is included in your latest sitemap which will be crawled by search engines.

19. Changing post date

Change blog’s date to recycle your old posts. But it won’t work if permalink of the post contains date. And don’t repeat that again and again it may annoy your regular readers.

20. Mark “updated (date)”

Be clever to update some hot but old blog post, and don’t forget to stick “Updated” tag to the title. It’s makes old come younger again.

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