How to set up custom domain for Blogger in Bluehost?

Since Bluehost is a webhosting company and it does not specialize over domain things or they don’t allow users to freely edit the DNS settings, the customers have to contact Bluehost support. One need to open ticket in support center of Bluehost to make their site work as custom domain for Blogger. Changes can be made on DNS, MX, CNAME, A RECORD entry record name mail google apps googleapps reverse DNS SPF.

The ultimate answer to How Do I Change DNS Settings for My MX, cNAME, A RECORD, etc in Bluehost is given by the provider itself in their support site, and we have quoted it here. Please, read How do I use a custom domain name on my blog from official Blogger’s reply also.

MX Entries:As a Customer, you can change your MX Entries as you need. Please log into the cPanel to edit these by clicking the MX Entry icon in the Mail section. When multiple MX entries are required with same priority, please contact Tech support via a ticket as described below.

A RECORD, cNAME, TXT:Please request DNS changes by opening a new ticket in the helpcenter. To help expedite the process, please include the last four digits of the credit card used for the most recent **WEB HOSTING** payment or last four characters of the hosting password inside the body of the ticket.

Please format the ticket as follows for quickest service:

Hello Support,
My main domain is “Insert Main Domain” and the last 4 of my credit card are as follows 0123.
o A record: -> (always point to an IP address), make this
o CName: ->
o MX Entries: -> 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
o MX Entries: -> 5 ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

Note: Our servers do not support Reverse DNS Lookup. This means that a Reverse DNS Lookup will not resolve to the domain name, but instead to the server that the hosting account is on.

We do have TXT entries and PTR entries to help with SPF records when sending email. This shows the email was legitimately sent from a Bluehost server, where the domain will be listed if a Reverse DNS Lookup is done.We do allow customers to request custom TXT entries in order to help fight against spam. Both SPF records and DKIM records are TXT entries in a zone file. Unfortunately at this time we do not support custom PTR or SRV records for customers. If you require custom entries like this you will need to subscribe to a third party DNS service (examples are or

DNS MX CNAME ARECORD entry record name mail google apps googleapps reverse DNS SPF

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