[How to] Use all new Google Contacts, how to revert back to classical Contacts mode.

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As a part of User Interface (UI) improvement, Google has recently public their all new Google Contacts. Still in beta or preview, it’s called Google Contacts Preview and features lot of features with simplicity and sleek UI than the legacy mode of the Google Contacts. Users are already switched automatically to the new Contacts dashboard, if you experience the changes for Google Contacts here: https://contacts.google.com/preview/all.

Google Contacts Preview-All new contact management
Google Contacts Preview-All new contact management

With new Contacts preview it is easier to merge duplicate contacts and more contact information in one place allowing manual input to the contact cards.

How to import, export, or restore contacts in Google Contacts Preview!

However, Google Contacts Preview doesn’t allow import/export/restore yet, feature limited but enhanced UI. Hence, only troubleshooting you can work around to fix is to switch back to classical Google Contacts mode if you want to import export your Google contacts. Legacy mode of Google Contacts is available at https://www.google.com/contacts/u/0/?cplus=0#contacts.

  1. Go to the old Google Contacts
  2. From the More menu, click Import/Export/Restore and upload/download your file.
  3. Visit back to new Contacts preview window and refresh your browser
Google Contacts preview dashboard
Google Contacts preview dashboard

How to switch back to old Google Contacts!

On your new Google Contacts preview dashboard’s left-hand tab, click more and then click “Leave the Contacts Preview”. If you want to try back Contacts preview again from the classical Contacts, just click “Try Contacts Preview.”

For those Androiders and iOS users (plus others) who use Google contacts as default contact management app or system on their smartphones and tablet, this new change has no effect. As Google Contacts Preview has brought new changes only to the web users.
Google Contacts Preview is not yet available for Google Apps for Work users. Contacts preview is the new way to view and edit your contacts on your computer. Get FAQ: Contacts Preview from Google itself.
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