What if you forgot to activate your Windows 7?

victim-of-software-counterfeiting-windows7So, one of us here had a bad time yesternight – it was the case of software counterfeiting, as Microsoft has to say. But later it was found that forgetting to activate your Windows 7 OS might give you an information that ‘You many be a victim of software counterfeiting’ and much more. You will experience the back desktop/wallpaper, you can change the wallpaper but not that easily as you used to.

Microsoft requires you to activate your Windows Operating System so that you can ensure the software is genuine. The official Genuine Microsoft’s Software pages says more more on this:

Activation is required and helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine and has not been used on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. In this way, activation helps prevent software counterfeiting.

Hence, the little wizard reminds you to go online and resolve the problem of software counterfeiting. To use all Microsoft Windows features, such as all updates from Windows Update; get the latest updates; and receive product support, your copy of Microsoft Windows must be validated.

Go online and resolve now.

Please, refer to our another article on HOW TO ACTIVATE WINDOWS 7? in order to solve this problem. Comment with your experience.

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