Setting up Exchange ActiveSync on your Mobile Phone

Do you often use email, calendar, contacts and other office productive things on your multiple devices? You want to update a contact in your iPhone and get the same in your email’s contact list. Or do you want to add your Facebook account’s latest event to your mobile phone’s calendar feature. Keep reading if you want them.

Usage: 1. I want to add a contact to my phonebook in my mobile phone, and have it updated on my laptop’s Outlook and also on my online Contact lists.

Many of modern smart phones use Syncing features now, be it Exchange ActiveSync (Microsoft Services) or Google Sync. In this article, we try to solve how to set up Exchange ActiveSync or Google Sync in your mobile phone (a generic mobile phone in spite of special mobile phone, for see setting for individual hand set ) which have an ActiveSync icon in your mobile’s menu.

Usage: 2. I want to keep summary of an important business meeting held during today’s launch thru my company’s website and want to review it on my mobile phone’s tasks from my bed.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

This is for those users who use Windows Live Services (Windows Live Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Microsoft Outlook etc) excessively. Hotmail now supports push email, calendar and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync.

Go to ActiveSync on your mobile phone, and start configuring the settings. You can find more set up information for ActiveSync from Windows Team Blog.

Setup your phone to sync your Hotmail inbox, calendar and contacts using ActiveSync, read this guide from Hotmail Team. Setting up your phone to sync your Hotmail inbox, calendar and contacts using ActiveSync is supported by Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Nokia E-series, N-series and many other devices (or using Java Apps) and also on Android devices (after 2.2).

Field Setting
Username [email protected] (or any Windows Live ID)
Domain Leave this blank
SSL Enable this
Certificate Accept the SSL certificate when prompted
Services (Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and others) Enable according to your choice

While we performed this settings for Samsung Monte S5620 we were prompted for confirmation by the device manufacturer. You may get the similar notice as well.

By activating this application you accept that part of your mobile phone data (comprising IMEI and model name) will be stored, processed and used by Samsung for the purpose of reporting activation of the application to the licensors of the application software itself. Such data held by Samsung will be dealt with strictly in accordance with Samsung’s privacy policy. A copy of the policy is available upon request.

Continue? hit OK

It is all up to you to enable the push notifications, and select the desired connectivity option – however we recommend you to go for your 3G connection or always used Wi-Fi AP.

Google Sync for your Phone via ActiveSync

If you use Google’s services (Google Apps Domain, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, etc), you must go for Google Sync in your mobile device. This is the easy way to keep your Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks in sync among the devices you use.

Google’s Sync works on most of today’s devices using Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync Protocol. On your Smart phone or mobile device, open the ActiveSync application. Set up the settings as shown in the table below.

Google Sync setup instructions are specially tailored for BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, SyncML and Windows Phones in Google’s Sync page (you may skip the information given below.)

!!! A word of caution from Google: When setting up a new Exchange ActiveSync account on your device, existing data may be removed from your phone. Please make sure to back up before you set up Google Sync.

Field Setting
Username Gmail a/c or Google Apps Domain A/C
Password (Authentication) Regular password or application-specific password (for 2-step verification user)
Domain Leave this blank or simply put Google if required
SSL Encryption Required, enable this
Services (Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and others) Enable according to your choice (Tasks is not currently supported by Google Sync)

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Note: Initially we tend to write this tutorial as: How to set up ActiveSync for Samsung Galaxy Tab? Later, we enhanced it to accommodate ActiveSync for Android, Windows Phones, iPhone; and general for other mobile devices.

Comments, and queries welcomed.

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