Google up with giving web address to physical real location on Earth

In the meantime while Google is coined “parasite” for many reasons- not having it’s own genuine contents, heavy user based business, producing ads on other’s pages and insisting them for their business…. and a lot, just Google for “Google Parasite” and get yourself more. However, Google has been up in the line. Last time, Google used the web paper (newspapers) more interactive and interesting. And this time Google is giving web address to physical addresses on earth.

new-delhi-google-maps This is rightly called Google Places, the progress is on. Now, Google Places will have web address (like for popular places on the Earth. This is more likely to be a visual guide. Google Maps is sure to help us find places about which we don’t know much.
The service is totally user based and Google controls the address on it’s Map service. One can zoom and enjoy heavily graphic loaded pages. This is going to be a visual encyclopedia of places on earth.
Try by visiting Google paces now (

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