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WordPress has announced the immediate availability of WordPress 3.5 beta 1. The improved WordPress experience has few hundred changed made in span of 3 months. The one of the biggest improvements in WordPress 3.5 is the overhauling of media experience. WordPress 3.5 has a brand new way to upload photos, arrange gallaries, insert images into posts, round edges and more. WordPress has gone retina display (HiDPI) capable dashboard for the first time.

Everything new comes with new WordPress 3.5 update
Everything new comes with new WordPress 3.5 update
The new WordPress 3.5 wil be launched officially in December 5, 2012, and comes with a brand new theme called Twenty Twelve, which you can download and deploy from here. These big changes will even better capable WP for war of CMS, and prove WordPress as a better CMS solution. The code name of WordPress 3.5 is yet another announced. Find superb features: Support of the Retina Display, color picker, new theme: Twenty Twelve, improved image workflow.

Features of WordPress 3.5 for end users

  • Appearance: A simplified welcome screen. A new color picker. And the all-HiDPI (retina) dashboard.
  • Accessibility: Keyboard navigation and screen reader support have both been improved.
  • Plugins: You can browse and install plugins you’ve marked as favorites on WordPress.org, directly from your dashboard.
  • Mobile: It’ll be easier to link up your WordPress install with mobile apps, as XML-RPC is now enabled by default.
  • Links: Hidden the Link Manager for new installs. (Don’t worry, there’s a plugin for that.)

Features of WoredPress 3.5 for developers

  • External libraries updated: TinyMCE 3.5.6. SimplePie 1.3. jQuery 1.8.2. jQuery UI 1.9 (and it’s not even released yet). We’ve also added Backbone 0.9.2 and Underscore 1.3.3, and you can use protocol-relative links when enqueueing scripts and styles.
  • WP Query: You can now ask to receive posts in the order specified by post__in.
  • XML-RPC: New user management, profile editing, and post revision methods. We’ve also removed AtomPub.
  • Multisite: switch_to_blog() is now used in more places, is faster, and more reliable. Also: You can now use multisite in a subdirectory, and uploaded files no longer go through ms-files (for new installs).
  • TinyMCE: We’ve added API support for “views” which you can use to offer previews and interaction of elements from the visual editor.
  • Posts API: Major performance improvements when working with hierarchies of pages and post ancestors. Also, you can now “turn on” native custom columns for taxonomies on edit post screens.
  • Comments API: Search for comments of a particular status, or with a meta query (same as with WP_Query).
  • oEmbed: We’ve added support for a few oEmbed providers, and we now handle SSL links.
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