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Apple iPad, techsansarFinally though unofficial iPad is available for purchase in Kathmandu. Few weeks ago Team TechSansar, wrote a couple of articles about iPad and iPhone simulators as soon as iPad was launched. Now you can buy iPad, (if you like it unlike many people saying nahh to it) in NLIC City Center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The iPad is available in two storage capacity – 16 GB and 64 GB. The cost of a 16 GB iPad is Rs. 52,500 and has a warranty of one year. We could rarely found the 64 GB version – but the vendors were telling us that they would order the 64 GB version if we made a pre-payment.

Read more articles about iPad -videos, features, and simulator of iPad here.

The Apple tablet iPad features which include easy control, touchpad, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Some say that iPad is like a magnified iphone without camera and other standard features.

Here are some points which we draw after looking at the ipad.

  1. Apple loves extra for keyboard and other accessories.
  2. The ditto iPhone OS system.
  3. Apps builder need no worries.
  4. It doesnt allow parallel application as in iphone.
  5. It does not have Flash support.
  6. Screen does not look convincing to get the panaromic view.
  7. Does not have any way we can port it to other form of technology like HD and other.
  8. Doesn’t have a camera.
  9. USB port dead.
  10. Who cares about SD card??

City Center’s store iLife has all the latest gadgets that you need including iPad, contact Mr Rajesh Dugar- the owner of iLife for details.

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  1. sujan says

    over sized iphone i wud say it……..why are they pricing so high???u can get it in near about 500 us dollars…….nepalese around 40k….thugs…don’t buy this,….better buy iphone(i wouldn’t recomment iphone too either…go for androids!!!) flash support lacking….the main issue with apple is they don’t want flash …….flash is a must these days…..don’t buy this…..not suitable for Nepal….Only one thing is good about this….that is it’s GPS!!!!awesome GPS but… no work in Nepal!!!so don’t go for it.!!!!

  2. Ekendra says

    This sell of iPad is not though directly affiliated to Apple Inc… simply because Apple is still in the phase of official sell of iPad across countries – Europe and Japan as well. Nepal is a far …. might be at the end or not at the list.

    Anyway iLife is helping Nepalese gadget users to get them at whatsoever means it can.

  3. niraj says

    i think this device is good and sexy.., but useless except for listening to songs and watching some pic in nepal which any mobile can do….we dont have have decent internet connection here ….also no apps store ..adding video is headache..only some folk in ktm gets some pirated apps thats it and also we can get a decent laptop with more ram ,hard disk and more..in the same price or even less..so only crazy stupid apple boy will buy it…i m only talking in case of buying in nepal..

  4. pradeep says

    iphone gps works fine in nepal. plus the appstore.

  5. Vins Striker says

    wow this thing is really cool!!!!!!!

  6. Sitaram2051 says

    to buy I Pad, waste of money

    1. Hockeystick_7 says

      hey bro u dont know about ipad that u say waste of money 

  7. Bivek16 says

    ipad good for forien nations but not for nepal

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  9. Pradeep says

    I think that tachsansar should update its contents. There is very less information on gadgets in Nepal. I think there should be details about the products available in Nepal and where one can buy it. 

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