Microsoft Office 2010 to be released finally on June

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microsoft-office-2010-logo We just knew that MS Office 2010 is not too far from our info of the Microsoft MDP Nepal, Unlimited Technologies. READ if you have not already – First Look Clinic on Windows7 completes in Kathmandu giving away free Windows 7 DVDs

It has now been confirmed that the next version of Microsoft Office will indeed be launching in June next year.

It was expected that the shipping date announcement would have come during PDC 2009, however here it comes a couple of weeks later. The beta was made available for free for early testers — much like what Microsoft did with Windows 7.

The Office Web Apps were never expected to carry the same functionality as the desktop applications, and from their conversation it seems that you might not get much more functionality than you get today with Google Docs and Zoho, being given just enough features so that you can write a "quick letter" and share it someone, rather than write a 50-page term paper.

If you are in Kathmandu, visit Unlimited Technologies at Khichapokhari and get MS Office 2010 beta version DVD for free.

If you want free Windows 7 Professional DVD, again contact Unlimited and attend the Boot Camp offered to students. (Tel: 01 2011302/3)

Download Microsoft Office 2010 from Microsoft’s official website until it’s available.

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  2. […] to December 2009, on the First Look Clinic on Windows 7 Team was informed by the MDP that Microsoft Office 2010 is going to be released on […]

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