Nepalese Mobile App Industry: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Nepalese Mobile App Industry: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Major challenges for the Nepalese App Industry – critical points

  • Smartphone penetration element:
    • Low Smartphone penetration – small yet addressable market
  • Lack of local app development and difficulties to upload on the Google PlayStore and App Store
  • Lack of payment opportunities limits revenue possibilities but also general app purchases (Erim Taylor, Ncell, on Ncell App Camp Seminar – corporate solutions)

Global perspectives on Mobile App Industry

Ncell promised for its own App store, for Nepalese developers, Ncell will even help with portion of the payment (!) – however everything is dependent on regulation.

Lack of payment opportunities in Nepal

  • Data networks – 3G, 4G and beyond
    • Data coverage and availability – only urban.. and no rural areas, so what about travelling users, that’s where tourists go into.
  • Enabling app purchase thru mobile balance as in markets like Pakistan
  • Business of Personalized messages, rewards and offers
  • Expansion of Public Presence for businesses and enterprises
  • Productivity and efficiency of businesses and firms
  • Fosters Instant connections

(Extracted from NcellAppCamp sources, facts may have become obsolete, discretion required)

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