Tune Up Utilities 2010 is now on market

TuneUp Utility 2010
Get the most out of your PC! Get ready for more performance, more stability, and more customization for your PC. TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 lets you optimize Windows even faster and easier with many new and improved features. And you are the first to learn about this here exclusively today. Be the first in line and see for yourself. TuneUp Utilities – Enjoy Your PC!

Highlights of the new version:
bullet 2009 Easier to use: new Start Center
Concentrated performance: Turbo Mode
bullet 2009 Automatic and in real time: new Live Optimization
Even more effective and intelligent: Automatic Maintenance
bullet 2009 Up-to-date as always: now supports Windows 7™
(32-bit and 64-bit)

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