Acer Liquid-Rs 25,000 Android-based phone hands-on impressions

Acer launched ‘Liquid’, their latest touchscreen smart phone powered by the Acer-LiquidQualcomm Snapdragon (the Qualcomm 8250 running at 768mhz) processor and based on the Android Donut (v1.6) operating system. Launched in Mumbai, the Acer Liquid is targeted at business as well as casual users, this phone comes with a 3.5-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen.
Acer has bundled two in-build apps.The phone as three home screens with the main homescreen allowing customization of widgets. The other two screens show sliders for media and internet access. Liquid has integrated multimedia for photos, music and videos on the multimedia screen. Business users will be happy with the bundled Microsoft Outlook application and Exchange server support. The phone is quite competitively priced at Rs. 24,900 (with 2GB micro SD).

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