Ncell with full Stratagem – better Ncell Services are they?

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Ncell – the first private sector telecommunication operator in the country – has introduced many effective schemes currently from a pre-SIM loaded mobile handset to a uniform call tariff plans. TeliaSonera holding Ncell plans to be the country’s largest mobile operator by 2015. But is it in the straight way serving customers?Ncell Logo

Reinforcement is going strict with Ncell – after the take over by TeliaSonera, the Finish company, they changed the brand (from red Mero Mobile to purple Ncell) along with the changes in many services. We must say that Ncell has overcome Nepal Telcom in so many sectors already in terms of mobile operation and will continue to do so. Here we list some of the better, newer and effective Ncell Services in comparison with the NTC.

Ncell added 600,000 customers in the first quarter of 2010, taking its total subscriber base to 2.4 million. The fast growing telecom operator claims that its services are backed by state of the art technology, best network quality, round the clock personalized customer care, one hundred percent call success and crystal clear sound quality ( is it really?)

Uniform Call Tariff Plan: Ncell charges Rs 1.99 per minute for calls made on any network (all rates exclusive of taxes – why don’t they just include into it???)

Customers will not get friends and family service and night tariff plan after the new plan comes into effect, we don’t think Ncell is doing enough justice, they are in one or the other way making it more complicated. Existing subscribers need to type ´sajilo´ and SMS to 302 to migrate to Sajilo Plan of Rs 1.99 per minute. Ncell´s new subscribers will automatically be listed in the Sajilo Plan eventually leading to closure of all previous facilities (privileges, we must say).

“We have always maintained that telecom services should be made easier and cheaper for everyone to benefit from it. We are delighted to say that we have materialized it,” Pasi Koistinen, CEO of Ncell.

However, With the introduction of the new tariff plan, Ncell now has two tariff plans – Ramro with on-net offers and different rates and Sajilo with a uniform rate.

New Dialing System: Ncell says a newer dialing system is their part of better customer services, Ncell introduced new dialing system and made some changes in its existing dialing system.

Now, Ncell users no longer need to add ´0´ prefix to connect with other GSM numbers.

Ncell Handset: First to launch in Nepal, Ncell is offering handset and SIM card at just Rs 999 to customers in 13 zones across the country except in Bagmati. This mobile set will not accept other operator’s SIM into it. These mobile handsets are specially desgined to have Nepali fonts on them by default.

The two packages of special promotional schemes – Rs 1130.90 a black and white handset along with free talk time equivalent to Rs 99 and  a color handset with Ncell connection at just Rs 1,356. Both the sets are manufactured specially for Ncell by Chinese vendor ZTE.

Ncell Shops: Ncell is aggressively mobilizing its distribution channels like Ncell shops and Ncell centers to reach to more people. The company is also mobilizing its mobile vans to reach to almost everywhere in its coverage area. The online website of Ncell is offering many value added services as well (but we find them little more expensive.)

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  1. Jeebendra Kumar Karna says

    very nice and fast updating site

  2. Flickz2000 says

    Wow..Ncell Rocks..and NTC sucks..

  3. Rajesh Datt Bhatt says

    Really there is going to be a most typical war between telecoms soon!

  4. Sanjay Kumar Rathi says

    Ncell should keep in their advisory board. I could take ncell to the top soon.

  5. ani lshahi says

    in palpa there is better NTC network than ncell. ncell really sucks here

  6. Reway7 says

    i think they r making a loot out of their customers. i recharged day before yesterday and i made 3 calls. now i have a balance of rs 5. i m on the plan “1 minute ma 1 minute free”. simply they r looting

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