Nepal's first and biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expo 2019

August 24th, 2019 – yes, 2019 and finally one of its initiatives in the country. Nepal first ever and the biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) expo is being conducted in Kathmandu. All AI enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and students alike must be thankful to the fuse machines – the Nepalese company dedicated to the development and deployment of AI in the country – and an organization “Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID)” purely working words implementing AI to the development. AI expo 2019 is the showcase of education, exhibition and exposure for the development of AI focussed projects and infras. (We will keep updating this post from the event venue.)Nepal’s First and Biggest Al EXPO aimed to showcase the best Al projects/papers from academia and industry. The expo will be a platform that fosters active collaboration between experts and learners from industry and academia.

Keynote speaker Dr Sameer Maskey (CEO Fusemachines) explores what, how and where AI can penetrate our fields of daily jobs, government sector and dev. He focussed on democratizing AI in Nepal.Mahendra Man Gurung, secy to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, during his special guest address pointed out use of AI and potentiala that we could extract from AI to both the government and the dev sector from the IT and ICT usage in Nepal. The government needs more support from the AI community to make AID foster in the country.

Plenary Discussion on Integrating AI: Demand, Challenges and Solutions Integrating ai: demand, challenges and solutionsQ. Daily use of ai
– Research and application
– medical diagnosis
– health care improvement
– agriculture (precision farming)
– governmentQ. Market of ai in nepal
– ai will catapult in 5-10yrs
– mobility in global context, accidents are caused by human error. So, merge of self driving will help out in safety.
– ai is based in data and pattern recognition
– anyone with access to dataQ. How does market look like ?
– ai used to be very niche
– but now its very broad
– it is part of what we are doing
– it is our extension
– in nepal, fraud detection / logistic mgmt,
– financial benefit to using and having an edge with ai
– we ready have data, we just have to know to use it to solve problemsQ. Skill and size of education of ai, motivation
– learning analytics
– foresee problem.of.student and train them
– integration of academia and aiQ.
– nepal.has problems.and can be solved
– solve problems and create other opportunities
– sdg framework for solving all.problems
– foodmandu show food with least enviroemt impact
– Mobility with showing least carbon emission data
– ai brought behaviour shift
– sustainable problems that are solved can be reused
– help sustain new behaviour with aiQ. Potential investors, risks, challenges
– innovative ideas and implementation with edge
– compamies to make ecosystem
– teach others
– bring next gen entrepreneurs- critical.feedbacks in job are opportunity to grow- ai needs to be seen
– global.challenge : climate change, nuclear, silicon valley/china
– larger debate of how ai should be used
– how we build solutions + how we build our society as well
– predict sales forecastAi for casual person with common computational powerIntelligence- consciousness- psychology- emotions

Plenary Discussion 2 (AI for National Development: Plans and Policies)
Ai for national dev: plans and policies
Q. Ai and youth in nepal
– youth are change symbols
– ai is inbuilt unknowingly in our business
– eg. Facebook..
Q. People system and ai for Nepal and future
– 3 steps
– digital data capture/digitization, generate information,
– all system are isolated in gon that is issue in gon
– g2g level link
– doit and
– data capture points
– align projects to government initiatives
Q. Out stage in nation dev and ai and it
• Hlcit
• manohar..
– ai driven by data
– there is no data governance framework in nepal
– well articulted policy position is not available in gon
– need is for policy framework for.privacy of data
– open i.e. transperancy
– how ?
Q. Role.of ai in digital.nepal ?
• Birendra
– it division also with ict promotion by stratrgy, framework formulation
– digital.neoal.frameowrk built
– 8 main areas, 80.
Q. Partnership with gon ?
– sandbox
Q. Academia in sandbox ?
– open data
– data with security
– deploy courses
– evidence based dexision making
– we need data for this
– global opportunity
– fitting in in supply chain
– development aspects from ai
Q. Data governance policy.of.nepal
• Data security and how can be ensured
– data security and threat
– national id is very secured
– Mrp data is secured
– legally, data protection and privacy enforcement is in process to be passed
– NPCERT is being passed
Public QnA
Q. How can we use big data, and where are data done by global researches
Q. Data sovereignty, what are legal grounds for data misuse ?
Q. Since when will gov be complete digital
Q. For securing privacy in the upcoming ai and data leverage of our citizens so that ai entrepreneurs can be in safe side and governed and guided properly.
– aws,
– nagarik adhikar app
Ai best practices
– data
Q. How can we secure fast movement of ai in nepal
– a website takes 20lakh
– 5 for development, 15 for security testing
Ai for neoal
• Asgar
– data capturing points creation by building system
– nagarik adhikar app as common platform
• Birendra
– awareness
– capacity development
– public private partnership
– investors and investment security
– legal.and policy support by government
• ?
• Mo
– requires data stratrgy
– data sovereignty privacy
– build skill competency regarding ai
– strong innovstion ecosystem
• Pranita
– attitude towards life; positive one
– contribute to our own country
– gpd increased after earthquake
Generating usable data is power
About FusemachinesFusemachines, Nepal’s foremost provider of Artificial Intelligence education, software, and service, in close partnership with Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID), a research and development organization that makes use of Artificial Intelligence solutions to tackle existing community problems, is launching the first and biggest AI expo in Nepal till date – AI Expo.Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) Nepal is a research and development organization focusing on bringing applied Artificial Intelligence solutions to existing community problems. We connect domain experts with Al developers to develop solutions that can transform the society and deliver positive impact to the society using Artificial Intelligence.
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