Between the lines: Subisu CAN Info-tech 2014 ICT Services & Products Exhibition & Conference Detail

The 20th edition of Nepal’s largest ICT exhibition “Subisu CAN Info-Tech 2014” is on-going now at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu from January 2 till 7. Info tech is planned to cover Nepal information, technology, entertainment show & conference with diversified IT, Communications, Entertainment and associated products cum services.

CAN Info-Tech 2014: 20th Nepal Information, Technology, Entertainment Show & Conference Logo

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Subisu CAN Info-Tech 2014 Event Details

Opening Time: 10 AM – 5 PM

Date: 2-7 January, 2014 (पुस 18-23, 2070)

Business Day: 5 January 2014 (पुस 21, 2070)

Venue: Bhrikuti Mandap, Exhibition Road

Whether you have visited the exhibition or have planned to visit soon or could not visit due to your circumstances, Team TechSansar has worked to gather and present in a honest and lucid way details about CAN Infotech 2014. This article covers devices, gadgets, services, products and ICT conference that CAN is expressive about.

Devices @ CAN Info-Tech 2014 

Many think that CAN Info-Tech 2014 is full of great devices, awesome smartphones, alternative power or energy options – but what actually matters is money – while many companies have offered discount(s) during the Exhibition duration. Visitors can avail facilities of discount, purchase offers and others.

High end gadgets, and devices we noticed in CAN Info-Tech 2014 make a list of following so far, however, many still expected devices not yet seen in the Nepalese markets.

  • Dell’s 2014 Models of Bonsai & Hadley Laptops & Hybrids
  • NEO-tab, Neoteric’s own branded Android 3G tablet
  • Free Livguard Smart battery from Winncom Mobiles
  • Relatively cheaper smart phones from Micromax
  • GenXT’s Power banks and chargers (relatively expensive but wanted by many due to loadshedding!)
  • Company claimed discounted offer on Apple’s iMac and Mac Book Pro (what was the discount btw?)

IT Services @ CAN Info-Tech 2014

Subisu has arranged to provide free Internet some areas of CAN Info-tech 2014 exhibition stalls. Also premises are covered by monitored CCTV for visitor’s safety. Confusions on whether they are delivering IT, ICE or ICT services or products is still there – service or product? However, CAN’s motto of “Let’s Build e-Nepal: Together we CAN” seems to be spreading with the consumer’s consciousness of devices rather than some one else’s effort. We noticed these popular IT services so far on CAN Info-Tech 2014.

  • Internet subscription offer from Subisu including FTTH and Cable Internet package
  • Kaspersky Antivirus solution from Sagar group at much discounted price (per device cost)
  • Nepal Telecom’s 3G pre-paid SIM costing Rs 100 with balance of the same Rs 100 (which otherwise had to be purchased from NTC’s offices without this offer)

CAN Infotech 2070 photgraph taken outside the exhibition hall
CAN Infotech 2070 photgraph taken outside the exhibition hall

IT & Tech Education @ CAN Info-Tech 2014

Computer education training institutes and companies in CAN Info-Tech 2014 are hopeful to get more visitors who could enroll for various offered IT courses. Companies in the event range from +2 colleges to IT training institutes to Computer training organizations to BPO and IT Outsourcing companies – many offering courses, few jobs while others offering opportunities in the Information Technology industries in the country and abroad.

CAN Info-Tech 2014 being a mega event of Information, Communication & Entertainment Technology (as CAN always say) should have encouraged some organizations and education institutes, even enthusiast individuals, so that they could deliver really USEFUL IT & TECH Education, awareness, security & privacy concern for Nepalese tech users or visitors of the exhibition. This lack is saddening to see.

ICT Conference @ CAN Info-Tech 2014

Nepal ICT Conference CAN Info-Tech 2014

Date: 5-6 January 2014

Venue: The Everest Hotel, New Baneshwor

Theme: Mobile Technology for Smart Society

With the tagline of “Mobile Technology for Smart Society”, Subisu CAN ICT Conference 2014 aims to cover various sectors of IT-enabled and ICT4D with Nepalese perspective, specially focusing on concept of “m” technology.

The CAN Info-Tech related ICT Conference is supposed to cover ICT advancements (in CAN’s words) in generating Nepal as an Smart Society thru the use of various mobile based services, products and technologies.

  • m-Governance
  • m-Commerce & Payment
  • m-Banking
  • m-Education
  • Value-added service (VAS)

Also included in the ICT Conference are working papers and experiences in Societal changes due to Mobile usage, in which national & international ICT experts will be presenting. This is to account for more than 81% of the population using mobile phone in the country (source: co-ordinator of the ICT Conference.)

Mobile Technology for Smart Society - ICT Conference held as a part of CAN Infotech 2014 aims at delivering Smarter Society approach in Nepal
Mobile Technology for Smart Society – ICT Conference held as a part of CAN Infotech 2014 aims at delivering Smarter Society approach in Nepal

The first day of the ICT conference will be based on Mobile innovation on national and international level. The second day of the conference is dedicated to the Usage of mobile phones in Nepal: Effects on Societal Changes. 

The conference hosts and features Knowledge Management and Mobile Media expert Dr Madanmohan Rao, Md. Abdur Razzaque ~ Associate Professor at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and Mr Muhammad Amir Malik, CEO of Pak Datacom Ltd, Pakistan.

Organizers of CAN Info-Tech 2014

Details of the organizers, sponsors, exhibitors and official partners of CAN Infotech is available at their official website. The criteria to be sponsorship categories and official partners of CAN Infotech can also be found at the same page.

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Share your CAN Info-tech events experiences both good & bad, and what’s your expectations for CAN Infotech 2070 this year and coming!

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