ICT Festival CAN Infotech 2014 announced starting Poush 18

Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) has arranged to held the 20th edition of the largest ICT festival CAN Info-tech 2014 in the country starting Poush 18th. According to CAN, this event is held to inform Nepal (Nepalese) about the progress and development made in the field of global Communications & Information Technology (IT). How true CAN is here we are yet to see! Explore the good and the bad of 2070 CAN Infotech event in real experience.

[note]Updated: Read about CAN Info-Tech 2014 Stalls & Event details here.[/note]

CAN Info-Tech 2014: 20th Nepal Information, Technology, Entertainment Show & Conference Logo
CAN Info-Tech 2014: 20th Nepal Information, Technology, Entertainment Show & Conference Logo

CAN Infotech 2070 Stalls & Coverage

Total 221 stalls comprising of organizations delivering Information & Communication Technology products, services and more are planned in the event. The stalls include variation from various ICT sectors according to CAN officials:

Many audience from previous years used to complain CAN Infotech is nothing other than the place to sell pen drives, outdated laptops and desktops, promote the ISPs and international brand names!
  • Hardware sales and maintenance
  • Power solution (alternative energy)
  • Mobile accessories
  • Dealers and Distributors 
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Telecommunications
  • ICT Colleges & Training Institutes
  • Software Solutions
  • Payment Solutions (Gateways)
  • Varied ICT services

A templatic wording borrowed from CAN’s press meet says ditto like they said earlier years…. Like previous years, this time also CAN has said this event will be different. Enthusiasm from many multinational companies can be seen – but audience know the truth. However, onward this time CAN has said to separate branding and sales and conferences in different buildings giving event an international look….

CAN Infotech 2070 Ticketing

CAN is expecting 4 lakh 50 thousand visitors this time. However, we don’t have public data available to analyze the nature of this & similar IT festival visitors in Nepal – students might be enthusiastic visitors but they should be seeing real advancements not the services as CAN presents.

Ticket for general public: Rs 100
Ticket for Students: Rs 50

*** 25% off the CAN Infotech 2070 ticket booked purchased online (But CAN has not publicized where and how tickets can be booked or purchased online.)

Update: CAN Infotech 2014’s tickets can now be purchased online from eSewa at http://can.esewa.com.np 

Nepal ICT Conference in CAN Infotech 2070

CAN ICT Conference will be held on January 5 and 6 (CAN explicitly stated the date in English while they quoted even date in Nepali 🙁 …. tradition, btw Jan 5-6 = Poush 21-22) to explore Nepal’s status on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and promotion of the same globally.

A conference named ‘Mobile technology for smart society‘ will cover ICT advancements (in CAN’s words) like m-Governance, m-Commerce & Payment, m-Banking, m-Education. Also included in the ICT Conference are working papers and experiences in Societal changes due to Mobile usage, in which national & international ICT experts will be presenting.

The Good and The Bad of CAN Infotech 2070
  • The name of the event itself is given as Subisu CAN Infotech (yes, this is the CAN Infotech organized by Subisu – they are the #1 sponsor – or is CAN organizing themselves? – this is serious event naming convention in Nepal that sponsors want their name even before the name of the event, what you say?)
  • Expect cheaper pen drives and storage devices (of the brands you have never before heard) – that’s one of the new type in CAN as always.
  • The said ICT Conference might be one of the most useful events of this event itself – optimistically for scholars you might be able to present your paper and findings on ICT subjects covered.
  • Get the 25% discounted ticket to CAN Infotech 2070 and save. However, why do one expect to pay to see some brands selling?  What’s your count on this?
  • Time has changed, let’s be optimistic to see better management and useful stalls in this 2014 IT festivals – CAN Infotech 2070 must bring in real goods lest people are sure to get frustrated.
  • CAN Info-Tech 2014 has a dedicated (for sponsors-only) website, here.

Share your previous CAN Info-tech events experiences both good & bad, and what’s your expectations for CAN Infotech 2070 this year!

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