Nepal Telecom’s Social Network NAMASTE Nepal is here.

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Nepal Telecom‘s highly ambitious project about its own a social network is finally available in public beta. NAMASTE Nepal, the name of the service, is actually a Unified Communication System (UCS) rather than just a social networking website. However, in simple words, ‘social network’ can be as word of mouth for general people to talk about this service. UCS Namaste Nepal is, in fact, a complete one-in-all communication system.

Login page of Namaste Nepal NTC Social Network, full screen scenario slide show adds spice
Login page of Namaste Nepal NTC Social Network, full screen scenario slide show adds spice

Back to December 2010, Nepal Telecom announced its own Facebook like social network Chautari, few screenshots were even out. This had been a long halt on the project. However, Mr Anoop Ranjan, the current Managing Director of NT, had earlier disclosed the release of this ambitious 90 crore rupee unified communication system, hence the public beta of Namaste Nepal.

What is Namaste Nepal all about?

As of now, users can see the following features in menu items of Namaste Nepal on their dashboard. Many of these features require higher level of connection set up like in VoIP while others are just too easy.

Namaste Nepal user dashboard showing status update area
Namaste Nepal user dashboard showing status update area
  • Activity feed (equivalent to timeline)
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • WebSMS
  • Click to Call (VoIP)
  • Facebook timeline
  • GooglePlus timeline
  • Groups
  • LinkedIn statuses
  • Live News (Live feeds)
  • Contact
  • Questions
  • RSS Feeds
  • Subscription
  • Survey

The user interface (UI) of Namaste Nepal is available in multiple languages including Nepali, the default user language is English tho’. While the system is currently in testing phase, it is not too wise to question on functionality of the system, but it is designed aiming at what Nepali users be requiring in most general purpose social networking site like.

We are still to see how much traffic Namaste Nepal can divert to itself from other leading international social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Time will tell whether investing 90 crore rupees for its own social network/ UCS was a wise decision made on NTC’s part. For now, you can head over to NT UCS’s home page here and have a look or sign up as an early adopter.

Read further for a complete review of Namaste Nepal discussing details of features of NT’s UCS.

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  1. Baburam Dhaubadel says

    Isn’t it wastage of 90 crore that Nepal’s state own enterprise is throwing into? All most is gone to some Indian companying, looks like? It is proved Nepalese don’t believe other Nepalese, so does the Nepalese government with their own citizens and companies. What is Nepal Rastra Bank looking at such fiasco for?

  2. pranishs says

    when will it be released??

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