Reinvented browsing: Firefox 29 Review

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New Firefox 29 is more onto cloud and sync features
New Firefox 29 is more onto cloud and sync features

Firefox 29 is a no-similar update of your usual Firefox web browser. Firefox 29 is a browser reinvented. The new Firefox is fast, flexible and less resources consuming. Firefox uses the Gecko layout enginer to render web pages with highest web standards, and now has a clutter free wide-area browsing. Version 29 is due to release next with more customization and stabilization.

Features of Firefox 29

One of the greatest changes in new Firefox is Synchronization feature – which Mozilla changed from usual Firefox unique pairing key code syncing to account based – cloud powered syncing. Now onward, just an email address is required to sync Firefox settings across all the devices (no hassle of maintaining sync key or having a device nearby to add to the synchronization list. Here is how to update to the new Firefox sync.)

There are mainly four notable improvements apart from the new sync feature brought in for all new Firefox 29.

  • Find your favorite features in the menu – no more find the classic (Alt to enable) menu items, besides user can sort out their own menu design items
  • Customize new Firefox to match your browsing habits – greatest of all is one-click access to Firefox add-ons which is now going to save a lot of time spent on add-on management
  • Add features and styles with add-ons – okay, persona got different (improved!), styles are now live in the menu and thousands to opt from to have the look for your web browsing personality with Firefox
  • Bookmarking in New Firefox was never been so easy – bookmarking and managing it is now located outside the address bar (for traditional keyboard lovers go with Ctrl+D to bookmark your favorites)
  • Firefox redesigned interface and customizations
    Firefox redesigned interface and customizations
  • Brushed Touch friendly UI – even tho’ Firefox does not still have default Windows 8 version, it is definitely improved experience for touch users. Most probably you won’t be the another guy to quit Firefox just for the issue of non-touch support like this one.
  • Relatively lesser memory consumed – as compared to previous Firefox 28. Thanks to better add-ons manager and lesser computing memory consumed by the new Firefox.
  • Syncing redesigned in Firefox 29 – Sync let users sync tabs, bookmarks, passwords, history, add-ons, and preferences on each device. By default all new Firefox doesn’t sync your passwords if a master password has been set onto the Firefox’s setting. To enable it in the Sync preferences window, your master password need to be removed.

By now you might have been thinking what happened to the Firefox’s Add-on bar, well it has been retired from Firefox but there is a work around to bring it if you really want. Users can customize their display, re-arrange the add-ons in the toolbar for ease and productive browsing habits. (Tip: How to make new Firefox look like the old Firefox restoring the add-on bar back.)

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Share us your views of the new Firefox 29 – is this browser going to beat Google Chrome as the number #1 browser again? According to the browser statistics from W3 Schools, Google Chrome is the most used browser today with almost 50% of the market followed by Mozilla firefox accounting for just half of the Chrome usage. So, challenges wait ahead for the new Firefox to bring in user’s attention to try and stick to it, are you going to?

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