Setting up a New Computer with Essential Applications

Windows 7 logo
Windows 7 logo
Okay, you got a new OS or just formatted your operating system assuming that the performance of the new Windows will be better than ever. But the best Windows experience is only achieved via essential applications, and most of the time using third party tools. While you might have a software application of your choice for an specific purpose, here we list some of the best in categories for Windows 7.

Got a New Computer, time to do the set up with these following essential applications. Keep in mind to backup your registry (simply go to regedit on the startup search box) and download the latest versions of the applications to be used.

Because of mobility, availability of high speed internet bandwidth, and larger storage space, the use of clouds and dumping everything onto it has become a trend these days. Increasing number of applications are using clouds and CDN (Content Delivery Networks) for easy syncing of data and backup, which you will find with the programs listed below.

Windows Utilities, Productivity Tools, Must have ones and Academic tools are all dependent on your need of computing and your professionalism. Most, if not all, of the services below are free (atleast for basic version). We extremely suggest you to install antivirus solution before doing anything else to your brand new computer or just formatted windows.
Internet/Web Browsers/IMs: They say it is time of Google Chrome but you might like to install Firefox as well, they both got syncing feature for storing your favorite bookmarks, history and other extensions; but Firefox is good in most features as of now which you should try once. Internet Explorer is not that bad (talking about latest version 9), Opera and Safari on the other hand. Do not forget to install or sync your passwords/plugins automatically from your FF browser if you already used it.

Microsoft Security Essentials Logo
Microsoft Security Essentials Logo

Antivirus: If you have already purchased a good antivirus solution like (Kaspersky or Norton), install it. Otherwise there you can go for free premium antivirus solution from Microsoft itself which is called Microsoft Security Essentials. Of course, you can use other antiviruses which you trust. And yes, do not forget to update your antivirus software before using it to scan your system.
Windows Live Essentials: This is all in one app to be downloaded from Live Gallery and includes Windows Live Messenger, Live Mail, Live Writer, Live Mesh, Live Family Safety, Windows Live Photo Gallery without which your computing and getting connected with Social Networking sites and many day to day activities will remain undone.
Codecs and other essentials: Download these smaller addons or program chunks for better experience of web, video, and interactive media- Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Jave Plugin, K-light codec package (which helps you to play all kinds of a/v files)
Office Suite: Your favorite office productivity suite like Microsoft Office (now syncs with your Web Office account), OpenOffice (a free open source office suite) or others.
Acrobat/PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader or other pdf readers. If you have to create pdf files from MS Office, there is absolutely no need to purchase Acrobat Professional. Simply download, Save as pdf plugin from Microsoft download site and install; which lets you save documents from MS Office apps in pdf format.
Syncing/Backup/Sharing: Have you ever tried Drop Box (8GB free space) or Windows Live Mesh 2011 (25GB SkyDrive free space) or (2gigs) or other file storage/backup services? Since Windows Live Mesh is integrated into your Windows Live Essentials you might want to use it for automatic backing up of your Windows files and folders. Drop Box is awesome fast cloud service for file sharing or backing up.
Customizing and tweaking: You may have your own preferred Windows 7 customizing and  tweaking software application, we list here some of our favorites.

Tuneup Utilities Logo
Tuneup Utilities Logo
  • Tuneup Utilities 2011 – the trial version for 30 day should work for enough customization and tweaking your Windows 7
  • 7-Zip – something which is free and does everything a compressing tool like WinZip can do; get it right now, it is less than a MB
  • Notepad++ – not only a substitute for Windows default notepad, but also a powerful app for coding more than 50 programming languages
  • Unlocker for Windows – for imperfect Windows, “Cannot delete xxx: It is being used by another person or program.” ? helps you overcoming this scandalous Windows bug
  • Ditto – is an extension to the Windows Clipboard, You copy something to the Clipboard and Ditto takes what you copied and stores it in a database to retrieve at a later time
  • Teracopy – copy files faster, easier and also pause/resume them later
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