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Like many people in the world we would like to use our language Nepali in web also. Everyday Facebooking and Twiterring might have been deserving the Nepali look on your post or status. Since Nepali Unicode is not natively supported by many applications, websites; we should either learn to type in Unicode Nepali or use third party Roman to Unicode converter. Here we discuss some of the important aspects of using Nepali language on your blog, status on your Social Networking sites, email and everyday computing use.
To publish your work in Nepali Unicode, you need to know about Unicode – which is independent of machine type (platform independent, program independent and language independent), and generally we refer to that here as UTF-8 unicode format – the popular and widely used among multitude of character encoding system adopted by many industry leaders including Microsoft, Apple, Sun, IBM, HP etc. Unicode is supported in today’s scripting standards of XML, WML, JavaScript, as well.
#Nepali Unicode is just a misnomer as Unicode should represent all languages. Here, for the shake of clarity and ease of understanding we are referring it as Nepali Unicode.
web = app or service on webpage or internet needed
install = app or service to be installed on computer to use at offline

1. Google Transliteration IME (web + install)

Google Transliteration, Google Input Method IME
Simply install Google IME and type anywhere in your language. For details, visit our an article dedicated to Google Transliteration here.
2. UnicodeNepali.com (web)

Unicode Nepali Project unicodenepali.com by Deepak Khanal
Unicode Nepali Project unicodenepali.com by Deepak Khanal
If you’re good at typing Roman Nepali and have access to internet, then simply visit UnicodeNepali.com and start typing in Roman Nepali.
The transition of Roman to Unicode Nepali is performed on-the-fly so you don’t have to wait to get words in Nepali, now copy the text and paste it anywhere you like, may be in your Twitter status.
3. Nepali Unicode Environment (install)

Once you install Nepali Unicode Environment on your computer, you can type in any computing environment like MS Word, Excel, Emails, and even the web pages in Nepali Unicode. MPP (Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya) has come up with he solution.
Nepali Unicode Romanized is the new Layout with the keys rearranged as the romanized keyboard like क in k and स in s , so as to facilitate the English users to type Nepali. You can download Romanized Nepali Unicode with Keyboard Layout here.
This is the offline solution or you can use this tool to write in Nepali Unicode even without the internet access.
4. Using Google’s On-application Transliteration Tool (web)

Google Transliteration in Hindi for Nepali Language input
Google Transliteration in Hindi for Nepali Language input
Though not natively supported as Google IME, Google’s some of the applications and services like Blogger, Gmail have transliteration embedded. Enable the transliteration on the individual service to use the transliteration. The screenshots are for Blogger (upper) and Gmail (below).
To enable Transliteration feature on Blogger:
Login to Blogger account >> Settings tab  >> Basic, move your cursor to buttom of the page, select Enable transliteration? (visit https://draft.blogger.com if you can’t see this feature)
To enable Transliteration feature on Gmail:
Login to your Gmail account > go to Settings > under general tab > check mark on “Enable Transliteration” and select Hindi from drop-down menu.
Gmail Transliteration for Nepali Language Input
Gmail Transliteration for Nepali Language Input
5. Nepali (नेपाली) Input Extension add-on on Firefox (Mozilla) browser (web)

One and the only Nepali Input Extension add-on for Mozilla firefox is  Nepali (नेपाली) Input Extension by Suvash Thapaliya. In your Firefox browser install this add-on Nepali (नेपाली) Input Extension. After installing the add-on hit (Ctrl+Alt+SPACE), the input will then enter characters in Nepali (नेपाली), hit (Ctrl+Alt+SPACE) again and the input type returns back to normal. Control it all via the status-bar icon. (Direct download link here)
On add-ons for Firefox link, there is also download for Nepali Interface Pack, alongwith Nepali Language Input addon for Firefox.
Note: If you know about more such add-ons or browser plug-ins, let us know.
6. GeoABC.com – Web based Live Unicode Nepali Typing Using (web)

GyaNeX Saral Nepali Keyboard by geoabc.com

This is a simple online Unicode conversion tool that can convert normal font (Preeti font) to Unicode Nepali text. GeoABC.com says this is the GyaNeXSM Saral Nepali Unicode KeyBoard for Web based Live Unicode Nepali Typing.
If you need to convert Preeti and other Nepali fonts to Unicode Nepali text, this is the best option. Copy your entire Nepali font written text, paste it on the box and click convert Preeti TTF to GyaNeXSM.
7. Dobhase Machine Translation System (web)
Dobhase Machine Translation System, InformatioN and Language Processing, Research Lab (NLP) Kathmandu University
Dobhase is a Machine translation system which translates from English to Nepali Language. The system’s current vocabulary is around 22,000 most frequent words – the official website of Dobhase says. This project is being developed InformatioN and Language Processing, Research Lab (NLP) Kathmandu University.
This system can translate a simple paragraph (of few words, do not try for a long para) written in English to Nepali language in Nepali text. Even you can translate simple webpages written in English to Nepali. Try it or observe the screen shot above.
8. GyaNeX नेपाली / देवनागरी टाईपराइटर (web)
Unicode-based Nepali-Devnagari Editor-saralnepali`, techsansar.com
This is a Unicode-based Nepali/Devnagari Editor developed or derived from Nepali/Devnagari Editor by Mr. R. B. Shrestha (however the link to the edit says that the service has been discontinued.)
This ends your search for how to use Nepali font for comment or message. It is now time to comment or message in Nepali Unicode or Nepali font.

Note: If you know about more such Nepali Input Methods or addons for applications, let us know.
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The GyaNeXSM Saral Nepali Unicode KeyBoard
Web based Live Unicode Nepali Typing

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