Bad timings for DTH TVs in Nepal

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Bad marketing or the policy behind. We are the first DTH TV in the Nepalese market – the same sentence we have been hearing for months by now. But none of them have officially launched yet – we being satisfied by their so called high definition ads on analog 4:3 television sets. Since the World Cup is over, the sales figures for DTH TVs in Nepal might not increment as it would have been. (We suggest you read: Frequently Asked Questions about DTH TVs in Nepal.)

Nepal's frist DTH TVs

The sounds of Vuvuzela and the dietary box of Paul, the Octopus might be seen at greater definition- more clear and precious. However, why did not any DTH Services launched before the start of world cup 2010 or even some days after few games were played. That was the perfect timing for HD wanted people to purchase the Direct-to-Home Services; isn’t really just after the completion of World Cup Football.

Better it would have been, if DTH TVs would have lured people by some trial broadcasting rather than just some animated beams and MaHa Jodi actions. During the discussions held by over the Facebook pages, most of the friends said that DTH TVs will hit bad markets during days to come.

The later they are, the more prone to lesser customers they will be. Besides, to have the true experience of full HD Television experience, one must be using the Set Top Box (supplements for any DTH Service) along with HD enabled TV Set maybe LCD or a Plasma TV. And are people ready for that, or they just going to have true HD in analog idiot’s box. When will DTH Service providers answer that to us?

Dish Nepal Logo
Dish Nepal Logo

Let’s hope DTH TVs will launch the real broadcasting soon with some real timing for real offers to people with true information. Let’s hope they will feature all those that each DTH Service should.

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  1. xenon says

    this DTH service doesnt give HD quality pictures. it gives “HD like quality pictures”(check its official website if u dont beleive me) . wats the use of DTH service if it doesnt provide HD quality?

  2. Saroj Koirala says

    nice article…………………but i think that it will hit the market sooner or later………coz people r tired or u can say fed up of watching cable tv……………

  3. Jirr says

    This is what we were thinking about. DTH TVs head should read this.

  4. Nepal DTH says

    Its a real sad situation that both startup companies Dish media and homeTV are rather quiet now about when they will start the service and what channels are included in the package. For the consumer side, the wait might fade the excitement, for the providers, they lost once in a life time opportunity- the world cup. If the service starts after November, it will further hamper the business due to load-shedding.

    I saw hometv setup in bhaisepati when going to a friends house, their antenna is up but no one says when they will launch or what channels packages they have. I stopped by a sub-dealer for dish media in koteswore, and they want me to book their service without explaining when they will start or exact channel packages, and if you ask them where is your setup, they will give you some mumbojumbo answer.

    They want me to book their service offering me to win a car. I don’t care about the car or motorcycle prize, I want dish nepal (or hometv) if they can tell me what channels I can watch and the biggest question is when?

  5. Madhu says

    Yes, this is only SD not HD they are proposing. They are thugging Nepalese people. We must raise our voice over such corrupt ppls.

  6. Divas says

    ya..guys you all are right……in all sector of Nepal…..we see such bad advertisements…..we want service and quality…not that bike or car……we should raise voice about such advertisements……

  7. sangeet kayastha says

    is DTH really not good?
    is the new DTH of nepal have low quality than the TATA SKY, etc of india??

  8. khushi man says

    saw on TV that hometv is ready to launch. i think dth is the way to go for the near future, that is before iptv comes into play.

  9. kiran THAPA says

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!
    HOME TV has been launched..Saw their earthstation in tv..Seems big investment..They have kept wise schemes of 10 channels,15 channels,40 channels,70 channels,80 channels and the cheapest one is 50rs per month.This price will be affordable for rural areas of Nepal..
    But where is Dish Nepal?If they delay to launch their service then HOME TV will have monopoly and customers will not get more advantages..We even don’t know where their earthstation is.We dont need CAR or bike ..We need market Competition..By the way, I have never won a lottery..

  10. […] lots of traditional Nepali TV channels. Traditional in sense that non of them really produce any high definition (HD) content despite broadcasting commercials of HD and 3D Television sets, even claimed DTH (Direct to Home) TVs […]

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