Facebook coming up with Permanently Delete Account feature


Sooner or later, the Facebook monopoly (are we doing a justice saying that on its own network, Facebook is doing monopoly?) of user account deletion has to be launched. Even today there is no delete your Facebook account permanently on the Account Settings of the world’s most used Social Networking Site. But the good news for those who were using only the deactivation feature ( and obviously getting addicted to re-activate) are going to see an option to permanently delete the account soon right below the Email Opt-Out.
Facebook Permanently Delete My Account Feature
Facebook is said to be resting out this new feature that will finally let the community users to terminate and delete their account, and yes unlike the deactivating period there will be no waiting period for Facebook account deletion period.
As of today, the user have to wait about 14 days, from the day they have deactivated their Facebook account and get it deleted. Will Facebook remind you that you are going to miss hundreds of friends, a sort of Facebook blackmailing and discouraging users not to deactivate or delete their account.
Once Delete Information feature is rolled out, user will be able to select the Permanently delete my account and all information I have shared. This will permanently delete all of your account information including anything you have shared, such as photos or videos.
Facebook must be finding this very hard to roll out. They don’t want to lower their user numbers whilst the ear itching complaints are making them burned – FB go better.

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