IP CDMA – Next step to broadband in Nepal

EVDO device connected on laptopNepal Telecom (NT) is finally all set to deploy IP CDMA broadband service by December 2011 which was announced back to 2009. The target is to reach broadband to another 2 million (20 lakhs) and more customers in suburb n rural areas. Using this service NT customers would enjoy 3G facilities based on EVDO technology – that means high quality of voice and data services. But NT has not clarified if this is the beginning step of the 4G telephony service in Nepal because IP CDMA could be distributed to customers with a fixed IP like a cell phone number and customers can make voice calls directly from IP to IP, or use data services as per their requirement.

NT’s IP CDMA is using EV-DO (Evolution Data-Optimized or Data-Only) technology – a misnomer in the acronym as it says “Data-Only”, to reach remote areas of Nepal where penetration of broadband is a must now. The Chinese telecom o/m company Huawei, which was awarded the tender to install 2 million IP CDMA, has been working to plan, launch, and maintain IP CDMA in Nepal. We wish their service would not be bad as it used to be with other services which they provided to NT earlier time.

Out of total 2 million lines, each 1 million IP CDMA-based mobile lines will be deployed in two phase – first in Eastern and Central, then on Western; exchanges being in Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara and Nepalgunj. This would fulfill Nepal Telecom’s target to penetrate broadband services in all VDCs (Village Development Committee) in Nepal.

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