Create your own Hotspot for Free

Hotspot is a feature through which multiple users can access the wireless internet service by providing required credentials. Here, today we are going to show you how the hotspot can be created using minimal available resources around us. Using this hotspot you can seamlessly connect your wireless devices and let your friends share your connection.
Before moving, Download the Connectify client. Install it, after installing check out to system tray for the Connectify icon.
Open it and then Set the required wifi name after then, Set a password of 8 characters or more then  Click the “Start Hotspot” button. Once connection is created, anyone can access to the hotspot by providing correct password. The lalest version of Connectify even identifies PCs and devices that are connected to it. You can see them in the window labeled “Connected Clients”.
Now you can connect your wi-fi enabled mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets using this WiFi hotspot. This enables you to create your own Hotspot, not exactly the wireless network. However, you can create a wireless home networking using free virtual wi-fi hotspot method which we have shown previously (see below). You can get connectify pro to do more with (see if you are eligible to get pro license of connectify for free.)
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