Fever Wired Interactive LED Mouse [Review]

This not a normal mouse, it is Xoopar, you’ll fall in fall once you get to it. This Fever Wired Interactive LED Mouse is quite different from other optical mouse. This is the free give-away from Team TechSansar this September. “Fever” is a revolutionary optical mouse that integrates a mini interactive LED lighting system synchronized to beautiful flash patterns with mouse or voice, 1000dpi, Plug and  Play, Win and Mac. “Fever” is the latest patented invention from Xoopar.

fever wired interactive LED mouse
fever wired interactive LED mouse which responds to music or voice

The Fever is rectangular in shape which make it quite different from other  mouse. The size of Fever is 86 x 46 x 15 mm and weights 120g. It’s handy and easy to use. There are two side programmable buttons on the Fever mouse. On the right there is ‘Select Auto/Interactive LED Mode’, which is used to select the mode of the patterns. On the left side you find scroll wheel, which is used to scroll the page up and down, which we find little inept and not user friendly to use. On the top behind left-right button there is a Interactive LED which shows you the pattern according to music or voice.

Fever is a stylish and economical mouse with standard DPI ratings of 1000. You can find a different experience with Fever because we experienced, it has nice movement and precision than other mouse we have used so far. You don’t require any driver software to use it which is the plus point.

The Fever Wired Interactive LED Mouse, upon plugged into the computer, your logo lights up automatically. There are two modes for you to choose. 1. Auto mode where the lights on the mouse change automatically in a neat rhythmic pattern, 2 Manual mode where external sound, be it your voice or the computer’s music, will cause the lights to appear according to the rhythm of the sound.

The Fever Wired Interactive LED Mouse comes in different pleasing colors and with acceptable price (this unique piece we ordered from abroad as a free giveaway for our readers.) Go check our free giveaway page, and make this mouse yours today.

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