HTC Evo 4G-First 4G Phone Review

The HTC Evo 4G is not only the carrier’s first WiMax cell phone–previously the carrier only has offered 4G laptop cards and the Samsung Mondi–but also the first commercially available 4G handset with a major U.S. carrier. The Evo runs Google Android OS 2.1; finally, a new Android phone meets the world with the latest Android OS available.
Other physical controls include a 3.5mm headset hack, a micro-USB port (yay for both), a power control, and a volume rocker. The protruding camera lens for the 8.3-megapixel shooter sits in the rear face next to the flash and a VGA lens sits above the display for video calls.
Other features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1GB of internal memory, Assisted-GPS with Sprint Navigation, seven home screens, a personal organizer, a microSD card slot that accommodates cards up to 32GB, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an HDMI out port, the usual access to Google apps, Sprint TV, messaging, and Outlook Exchange support for contacts and e-mail. Outlook calendar syncing is not available out of the box.

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