Kingston releases monster 256GB flash drive, the DataTraveler 310, for a Rs 48,000

Kingston has made 256 GB pen drive. It is already launched. the Data Traveler 310 USB Flash driveIt was only a matter of 5 years ago that 256MB pen drives were accessible only to those who were willing to shell out thousands for their data transport needs. Slow USB 1.0 devices with poor storage capacities, but after the slow Floppies, and the WORM CD and DVD, even a 128MB pen drive seemed like a step up. The Kingston Data Traveler 310 boasts of a 25MB/s read speed and 12 MB/s.
Now we have a 256GB pen drive available, and while the price may scare you, it is only sure to decrease. For now this pen drive is priced at Rs. 48,000 enough to buy you a laptop or net book with as much storage capacity.

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